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13 Beautiful Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Under $25

Flickr.MothersDay.NicoliosisMother’s Day is Sunday, May 12, 2013. Don’t have a Mother’s Day gift for mom? Don’t worry, there’s still time.

Every year it can be a struggle to find an affordable gift your mom will still love for Mother’s Day. But we’ve got you covered — on a budget, and with shipping days to spare.

Check out these Mother’s Day gift ideas, all for under $25:

A beautiful infinity ring I found on Etsy. Several of my friends have rings like this, and I think they’re so delicate and pretty. Plus, the message of everlasting love is so nice for your mom. It’s only $10.

A soy candle from World Market. I’m always impressed with World Market’s interesting, yet affordable candle selection. I like this particular candle because it has a unique natural scent (sea salt and coconut), but if you browse the aisles you’ll find lots more options. This one’s only $12.99.

A wallet like this cute one on sale from J. Crew. It’s colorful and small enough to use for an every-once-in-a-while wallet, and on sale for $19.99.

Shopping for new nail polish can be like a visit to the candy store. Why not treat your mom to a new set of nail color? This one from Sephora is only $14.

I love these earrings from Anthropologie, and I bet a lot of moms would, too. Anthro gets a bad rap for being expensive, but there are actually lots of affordable gifts like these $24 posts on the “Shop Gifts for Mom” section of their website right now.

Share a few laughs — and a few glasses — with your mom on her special day by bringing her a nice bottle of wine. You really can get a good one for less than $25. Here’s a list of affordable wines to get you started.

If you want to go low-budget and homemade, make your mom one of those cute DIY cookie mixes in a jar. You just layer the dry ingredients used in cookie dough in a clear Mason jar, then decorate the jar. This website has links to a bunch of different jar gifts, including homemade granola.

Is your mom a bookworm? How about a personalized bookmark so she doesn’t have to dog-ear the pages as she goes. I like this one because it’s simple and you can get it personalized. It’s only $10.

These colorful socks from Madewell will keep your mom’s feet toasty, and they’re only $12.

If your mom is like mine, she’s already an amazing cook. But sometimes it’s fun to have a nice cookbook for extra inspiration. This one from Smitten Kitchen is trendy and only $17 on Amazon.

Mother’s Day can be a good time to buy your mom a luxury item she wouldn’t buy for herself. That’s why I like this roll-on fragrance from Sephora. I picked this one out because it’s grapefruit-scented (my mom’s favorite), but there are several other great choices under $25. This one’s $19.

Of course, the old standby … but who doesn’t love to receive flowers on a special occasion? I’d tell you what to get, but chances are your mom has a favorite. If you can, go to a local florist. But if your mom lives far away, skip the roses and go for a spring-y, affordable bouquet. I wasn’t able to find one online for under $25, so be prepared to splurge a little if you go that route. Here’s a pretty bouquet for $29.

You knew this was coming. But it’s thoughtful and free! Try making your mom a mix CD for Mother’s Day with songs that are meaningful to her. One of my mom’s all-time favorite gifts (unfortunately, not from me) was a CD with all different versions of “O Holy Night,” her favorite Christmas carol.

Published or updated on May 4, 2013

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  1. Sarah says:

    The flowers are a lovely idea, but let me offer a few tips for budget-minded readers (I’ve worked at a boutique florist for 6 years!)
    1) Call local. Do NOT use teleflora, 1800flowers, or any kind of service. Use your local town florist. Don’t know it? Google, use yelp…do anything to prevent using a service. If you use a service, 10-15% of your money is going towards the account fee and being deducted from how much is going towards your Mom’s flowers.
    2) Be specific in what you want for the best value. “I want a $30 bouquet” often means that you obviously have no idea what you want/what things are valued at, and it’s a great way for florists to sneak in flowers that might be past their prime, or give you 5 roses for $30. The more specific you are, the better, and do NOT be shy in asking for pricing! Individual flowers have individual prices. A sunflower could be between $3-5, but a peony or lily might be $9-13 EACH.
    3) Vase arrangements are pretty because you don’t have to do anything, but you’re paying for that vase and let’s be serious, your mom has plenty of vases. Get a cut bouquet instead, and ask that they arrange it so she just has to stick it in water. Boom, you just saved $5-10.
    4) MAKE SURE you ask what their delivery minimum is! Then ask how much they would charge for delivery if you paid a separate fee. If delivery minimum is 30 (total cost) but a delivery fee is $5-10, it’s possible the florist might just be deducting the delivery cost from your minimum order amount. So if you order the delivery minimum ($30), you aren’t getting $30 worth of flowers. You’re getting $20-25. Make sure you know what you’re getting!!
    5) You will pay extra to have flowers delivered on Mother’s Day.

  2. Thank you for the ideas. It is never a good idea to not keep mom happy!

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