Murder Your Debt…Now!!!

Are you a cold-blooded killer? I hope to be. I wake up some mornings in a cold sweat because for the past ten years, I’ve been in an abusive relationship. My abuser? Lots and lots of debt. I’d never advocate killing a person, but I do advocate this: Murder your debt. And start planning now. If you’ve been carrying debt around for a while saying you’ll make a plan to pay it down soon…that time must be now. Unless you like living really dangerous, the global economy is just too uncertain for you to be in debt.

When I finally knock off my debt, I look forward to my sentence: Life in financial freedom without the possibility of finance charges. If you are now ready to put an end to your debt’s miserable little existence, too? Here are a few ways to plan your crime.

If you don’t plan your attack on debt carefully, chances are it’ll figure out what you’re up to and smack you down by tempting you to spend money on things you want rather than on killing debt. You need a plan. I wrote a series a while back called Debt Free in Seven Steps, which included a post on making a debt plan.I also highly recommend this free snowball calculator for whipping up a debt payoff plan you can print or save in just a few seconds.

There are so many inspiring bloggers who have battled back big debts or are in the process of getting out of debt themselves. Just for starters, check out Clever Dude, who has already paid off almost $100k in non-housing debt down to about $27k, or Make Love, Not Debt—a blog about new marriage and active debt reduction.

If your debt is just too big to take out on your own, you may consider a credit counseling/debt management company to help you. Just be sure to understand whether the company you work with is reputable and also what debt management programs can and cannot do.

Getting out of debt is 20% knowledge and 80% action. It’s no easier than losing weight or breaking an addiction, but it can be done.

Are you working on murdering your debt? How long has it been? How’s it going?

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