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My Favorite 50 Personal Finance Websites of 2007

I love “best of” year-end countdowns, so I decided to write one of my own: My favorite 50 personal finance websites of 2007!

Most are blogs, with a few commercial sites sprinkled in that I really love. Though numbered, the sites are in no particular order…they are all so great I couldn’t possibly rank them. Are your favorites included?

50. Wisebread – Part blog, part forum, part online magazine, this site about living large on a small budget deserves a look.

49. The Simple Dollar – Simple, maybe, but oh-so-helpful. The thought and detail Trent puts into his personal finance posts is awesome.

48. Millionster – Millionster is an intriguing community-based personal finance blog wit an edgy attitude. I’m liking it more every day.

47. The Motley Fool – I can’t have a list of the best personal finance sites without a nod to the Motley Fool. Though mostly a stock site, their boards are home to some of the best advice and support for getting out of debt and living below your means.

46. The Sun’s Financial Diary A great personal finance blog following author Sun’s transition to investing and building wealth.

45. Clever Dude – I love Clever’ Dude’s style and humor as he blogs about money, family life, and his career.

44. Queer Cents – Queer Cents sometimes makes me wonder: would I be richer if I were gay? Whatever your preferences…a source of great financial advice.

43. Boston Gal’s Open Wallet – This is one blogger who is on top of her dough! Follow her story as she tries to go from a $400k net worth (in her 30s) to over $3 mil. Wow!

42. Punny Money – Don’t be fooled by the name, Punny Money has great financial advice with a twist of silliness. I love the polls…The last one shows 62% of readers are still financially irresponsible. Yeah…this is why our sites exist. It’s easier to write about financial responsibility than to live it!

41. Prime Time Money – A common sense blog by a Texas CPA and personal finance junkie.

40. How I Save Money – Need a instructions on saving money? LuLuGal over at How I Save Money can help!

39. Fire Finance – Have dreams of achieving financial freedom and retiring early? FIRE Finance is the site for you.

38. Millionaire Mommy Next Door – Confessions of a self-made millionaire mother.

37. Wealth Building Lessons – Nirav shares his wisdom on building wealth, one dollar at time.

36. Single Ma’s Financial Fabulous – A truly inspiring blog about a single mother’s journey from debt to a $125k and growing net worth.

35. Lazy Man and Money – One blogger’s quest to make his money work for him so he doesn’t have to.

34. The Frugal Law Student – A graduate student’s take on living below your means…sometimes way below.

33. The Art of Money – A great site for internet entrepreneurs, bloggers interesting in monetizing their sites, and more.

32. Net Worth IQ – A unique site allowing users to keep track of and share their net worth and net worth goals. Completely free and anonymous.

31. My New Choice – A great blog about the decision to live debt-free and work towards financial freedom.

30. No Limit Ladies – A blogging community for women interesting in financial education and freedom.

29. We’re in Debt – A couple wrestles the sobering challnege of paying off over $130k of debt.

28. Kiplinger’s – This seems like sacrilege since my first job was for SmartMoney Magazine, but I feel Kiplinger’s has far more useful content for those of us starting out on our financial paths than the often snooty SmartMoney.

27. Blogging Away Debt – One of my original first favorite getting out of debt blogs. It’s just awesome to follow other people progress out of debt!

26. Consumerist – One of my favorite websites of all time. The Consumerist never fails to enlighten – and entertain – readers with the dirty rotten truth about the things we buy.

25. The Digerati Life – A great financial blog out of Silicon Valley; I loved his coverage of super idiot Casey Serin whose now-defunct blog is not on this list.

24. An English Major’s Money – A recent graduate writes about living in New York City on an entry-level paycheck. I have been there, and I can certainly relate.

23. Everybody Loves Your Money – In a way, the fantastic title says it all. Everybody’s after your money! Learn how to keep it!

22. Ask Uncle Bill – This blogging dad learned from his daughter that younger generations are clueless about money. She was right, so he started a website to help.

21. Canadian Capitalist – Some financial musings for our neighbors up North.

20. The Dollar Stretcher
– A thousand ways to make your dollar go further…probably more.

19. Generation X Finance – Nobody needs financial more than us youngins, and this is another good blog to let us know that.

18. Make Love, Not Debt – Another one of my favorite getting out of debt blogs.

17. Stop Buying Crap – A clever finance blog with an importation mission: to get you to buy less crap!

16. Mint – This free online budgeting tool is simply awesome. My only complaint is that Mint didn’t come out sooner.

15. Map Girls’ Fiscal Challenge – A simple blog about a girl and her financial goals.

14. Seeking Alpha – A treasure trove of stock and investing information.

13. Money Ning – An inspiring blog about a guy from humble beginnings on the road to being rich.

12. My Two Dollars – Billed as “a place to discuss money for the rest of us,” David takes an intimidation-free approach to blogging about personal finance.

11. Prosper – If you have read my posts about Prosper, you’ll know that I’m a huge fan of the site, where users can lend and borrow money to and from each other. (Also a TIME top 50 websites of 2007 winner).

10. Graduate Money Matters – Feel like you missed the lecture on personal finances? Grad Money Maters can help.

9. PFBlogs.org – This personal finance blog aggregator is a must-have for perusing the latest thoughts from the personal finance blogosphere.

8. No Credit Needed – No Credit Needed drives home the point that credit isn’t required to live happily and prosper.

7. I Will Teach You To Be Rich
– Sometimes I hate Ramit because his blog kicks so much ass. It really does.

6. Neville’s Financial Blog – An awesome collection of business ideas and a behind the scenes look at how Neville starts and runs them.

5. All Financial Matters – Is JLP the “Godfather” of personal finance blogging? Read All Financial Matters and find out!

4. Young and Broke – Blogging about money for the under-30 set long before most, Young and Broke still dishes up first-rate frugal advice.

3. It’s Just Money – I share this blogger’s attitude about money and, unfortunately, all the past money mistakes.

2. ING Direct – It’s true that ING doesn’t have the top savings rate anymore, but ING is where I stash my savings thanks to their great website and totally cool Electric Orange debit card. This thing still gets me looks of envy whenever I swipe it. Incidentally, ING also got a top 50 websites of 2007 honor from TIME.

1. Hustler Money Blog – As you can see from the site, this guy is not ashamed out on the web making money, but I love his attitude! Plus his site is a good source of deals and free money offers.

Published or updated on December 19, 2007

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  1. Andy says:


    I’m actually working with Ramit from iwillteachyoutoberich.com, and he pointed me to this post.

    We wanted to hook you up with something cool as a thanks for linking to his site- six free chapters from his new book. Email me at andrewlynch88@gmail.com and I’ll send you the link where you can sign up for it in a few seconds.



  2. mapgirl says:

    Thanks for the link. Could you do me one favor though and make it ‘Mapgirl’ instead of two words? I’m not sure why people get it wrong since it’s one word on my blog, but that’s ok. I’d appreciate the edit though. Cheers! Have a happy New Year! Mine’s going great already by making your list. :-)

  3. Thank you for including me in your list! I’m honored and happy that you find my blog useful.

  4. Jeremy says:

    Hey, thanks for the mention. There are a ton of great sites in this list. I actually found a couple that I wasn’t aware of.

  5. David says:

    Very cool, I am honored to be included. Thanks!

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