Note to Readers: Site and Subscription Updates

Hi all. If you subscribe to Money Under 30 please read this site update notice. If you currently subscribe to Money Under 30 posts by email, your subscription will be changing.

Email subscriptions changing
Instead of receiving an email every day that I post new articles to the site, subscribers will soon get a weekly digest of the new content on the site each week. This will cut down on the number of emails you receive and hopefully make the emails more valuable to you. However, in order to change the email subscription service, action is required on your part.

All current Money Under 30 email subscribers will receive a confirmation notice in the next few days. Please take a second to click the link and confirm your continued subscription. For anybody not subscribed, please sign up!

If you currently read Money Under 30 in an RSS reader, nothing will change.

Also: site updates
Also, I am going to be making some much need updates to the version of WordPress I use to host this site. If the site is down temporarily in the next few days, that is why! Finally, I appreciate your patience with the changing themes on the site. I’ve been testing and a few and will implement a permanent theme after the updates are complete.

As always, thanks for reading!

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