Outright: Awesomely Simple Online Accounting

I recently started using Outright to record the income and expenses for my blogging “business”. In a word, I’m blown away! As a budding entrepreneur, Outright provides everything I need to track income, expenses, and taxes, but nothing I don’t.

If you earn any income from a business or self-employment, you need to try Outright today.

Outright, formerly, is an awesomely simply online accounting tool for entrepreneurs and small businesses. According to its founders, Outright’s goal is:

[T]o keep [accounting] as simple as possible, while helping entrepreneurs track all of their income and expenses to get their taxes done accurately.

I think they’ve succeeded.

In 2008, I earned a significant amount of income on my own for the first time in my life. As a result, my 2008 tax return is a nightmare. Although I paid some estimated taxes, I didn’t pay enough, and I’ll owe Uncle Sam a chuck of change—and possibly penalties and interest—come April. Plus, I have the pleasure of digging back through a year’s worth of credit card statements to see what might be deductible as business expenses.

I resolved that things would be different in 2009, and Outright will help me stick to that resolution.

Within five minutes of creating an account last week, I inputted all of my income and expenses so far for 2008. And already, Outright has calculated how much I should pay the IRS in estimated 2009 taxes come 2009.

As Outright is in Beta, so far it’s free. And so far, I’m a big fan. If you earn money from a small business or freelance work, you owe it to yourself to give Outright a try today.

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  1. Hello David and thanks for the nice mention. Your readers (and you, for that matter!) might also be interested to know that today Outright announced integration with Shoeboxed.
    With Shoeboxed’s mail-in scanning service, users can now send paper receipts in to Shoeboxed and have them scanned and data-entered into their online accounts. Now, those receipts can be automatically synchronized with’s bookkeeping application. This streamlines the time-consuming tasks of organizing receipts and accurate bookkeeping for home-based and small businesses.
    Tim (ZingPR, for

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