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Get Well Fast: What To Do When You Can’t Afford To Be Sick

When you’re under the weather, you want nothing more than to just feel better. Here are ways to get you back on your feet quicker.

A Guide To The Pros And Cons Of Delaying Or Skipping Traditional Family Life

Millennials Just Aren’t That Into Starting Families; Is That Such A Bad Thing?

More so than preceding generations, millennials are waiting to start a family — or skipping marriage and kids altogether. Financially and otherwise, there are definite pros and cons.

3 Price Points In Your Business That Will Help You Build Wealth

If You’re Growing A Business, You Need 3 Different Price Points; Here’s Why

Having different price points in your business will not only help you earn more money but it will also enable you to help more people. Having a low, mid, and high price point lets the customer decide the level of service they need at a comfortable price.

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6 + 1 System

The 6 + 1 System For Financial Stability

You want to control your money, but where do you start? The 6 + 1 System provides seven easy-to-follow steps for achieving financial stability: No consumer debt, rainy-day savings and the ability to save cash for both retirement and life goals like vacations, cars and your next home.

The Roth IRA- What It Is, How It Works, And Why You (Definitely) Need One

The Roth IRA: What It Is, How It Works, And Why You (Definitely) Need One

A Roth IRA is a saver’s best friend. Learn how Roth IRAs work, why they’re so great and if you’re eligible to contribute.

How index funds cost less, reduce risk and make you a better investor.

Why Index Funds Cost Less, Reduce Risk And Make You A Better Investor

Investing doesn’t have to be complicated; and with index funds, it’s not. Learn why low-cost index investing may be the secret to a better performing portfolio.

The Best Credit Cards for Young Adults

Best Credit Cards For Young Adults

Of the hundreds of credit cards out there, only a select few are well-worth having in your wallet — if you can qualify. Here are our picks for the best credit cards for young adults taking into account our limited credit histories in our 20s can mean it’s sometimes harder to get approved.

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Don’t Have The “Right” College Degree For Your Dream Job (And Dream Salary)- Here’s How To Convince Employers You Do!

Don’t Have The ‘Right’ Degree For Your Dream Job (And Dream Salary)? How To Convince Employers You Do

We’ve all known smug engineering majors who think a liberal arts degree is nothing but a ticket to pulling espresso shots. Although it’s true — some degrees are more marketable than others — you shouldn’t let the “wrong” degree stop you from pursuing your dream job.

Auto Insurance Basics Explained

Car Insurance Definitions: What Every Driver Needs To Know

Car Insurance. You probably have it, but do you fully understand it? You pay for auto insurance every month and will most likely make a claim or two… or three in your lifetime. It’s important to understand car insurance definitions and coverage types so you buy enough to protect yourself but not more than you need.

Five Essential Money Tips for Traveling Overseas

5 Essential Money Tips For Traveling Abroad

What do you need to know about money before visiting a foreign country? Learn these essential money tips for traveling abroad before you pack you bags. You’ll save money and enjoy your time overseas without financial stress.

How We Save: Julie Stevens

How We Save: Julie Stevens Finds Her Passion, But Not A Job (Yet)

Despite what the college admissions office will lead you to believe, a diploma isn’t a guarantee of a job. Julie struggles to get by even with her BA. Her biggest piece of advice for you is to start looking for internships right away. Passion doesn’t equal cash until someone is willing to pay you.

3 Ways to Make It Easy for People to Pay You

3 Ways To Make It Easy For People To Pay You

Making it easy for your customers to pay you is key to actually getting paid. Here are three payment methods you might want to consider adding to your side hustle or small business. They are simple to set up and easy to use.


6 Financial Questions To Ask Before Moving In Together

Deciding to move in together is a huge step. It’s important to know the financial details of your partner’s life before you rent the U-Haul. His or her financial woes will quickly become your problems when it’s your name on the bill they were supposed to be helping you pay.

Header for the MoneyUnder30 tax software comparison guide

What’s The Best Tax Software? Popular Tax Software Compared

This is part three of Money Under 30’s “No-Stress Guide To Filing Your Taxes”. Is free tax software really free? Can I file my taxes with my phone? And what’s the difference between free online tax services and tax software that costs $80? The answers here.

Life Insurance Reality- Buying Early Saves You Money

Reality Check: Buying Life Insurance Young Saves Money

Buying life insurance young can save you thousands of dollars. Learn why it may be smart to purchase life insurance in your 20s or early 30s, even if you don’t think you need it yet.

How I Save: The system I use to trick myself into saving a large percentage of my income each year.

How I Save

Saving doesn’t come naturally to everyone, including me. Here’s the system I created to trick myself into saving a large percentage of my income each year.

The Best Months to Buy Anything in 2015

The Best Months To Buy Things In 2015

The best sales tend to run in predictable cycles. You can score great deals on those big ticket items by knowing when to shop. Check out the best months to buy things from grills to snowblowers so you’ll know when to hit the stores.

Can you beat the S&P 500? The grow your dough challenge 2.0

Think You Can Beat The S&P 500 This Year? Let’s Try (Grow Your Dough Challenge 2.0)

Successful long-term investing requires patiently sitting on your money like a hen on eggs. But sometimes it’s OK to have a little fun and experiment. In the second Grow Your Dough Challenge, 20 bloggers compete for the best investment returns of 2015. Play along. Think YOU can beat the S&P 500?

3 Keys Entrepreneurs Need to Figure Out Pricing

How Much Should You Charge? 3 Keys To Setting Freelance Rates

Setting freelance rates is one of the hardest parts of starting a service business. At the end of the day, your ideal rate shouldn’t be the lowest you’ll accept, it should be the rate that fairly represents the value you deliver clients.