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Smoking isn't just bad for your health -- it's expensive too! How to get your partner to quit.

Money Manners: Talking With Your Partner About The Costs Of Smoking

Smoking isn’t just bad for your health, it’s expensive, too! Quitting tobacco is a difficult topic to broach with a loved one, but a level-headed attitude and hard-hitting money stats can help you start.

How to build your credit for the first time - Money Under 30

How To Build Credit For The First Time

Wondering how to build credit from scratch (or worried because you haven’t started yet)? Here is what you need to know to build credit for the first time.

It's not that you shouldn't trust your partner, it's about making life easier for both of you.

5 Reasons To Keep Your Finances Separate From Your Significant Other

There’s something to be said about keeping love and money separate — not allowing one to taint the other. Here are five reasons to keep his and hers checking accounts as you begin your lives together.

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Alternative personal finance manager apps challenge Mint, the longtime leader in free online budgeting.

Mint Alternatives: More Tools To Manage Your Money revolutionized how we budget. Now, rivals offer must-see Mint alternatives that manage everything from monthly bills to million-dollar portfolios.

Everything you need to know about emergency funds.

Emergency Funds: Everything You Need to Know

Wherever you are on the journey to “getting better with money”, the concept of an emergency fund–rainy day savings that will be there for you in case the unthinkable happens–is critical. Because having some money put aside is simply so vital to getting on your feet financially–which is what this site is here to help you do–we put together this comprehensive article.

What credit score do you need to get approved for a credit card?

What Credit Score do you Need to get Approved for a Credit Card?

Being declined for a new credit card is frustrating. You can improve your chances of getting approved for a credit card by applying to cards that are suited for your credit score. Here we explain what kinds of credit scores are needed to get popular credit cards today.

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How We Save: Bijan Golkar, 29, Kept College Costs Down And Invested In His Career

At just 29, Bijan Golker is a CFP and equity partner in an investment advisory firm. He’s been successful by making strategic decisions about the big expenses most of us take for granted.

5 Types of Money Morons & How to Avoid Becoming One

Funny Money: 5 Types Of Money Morons And How To Avoid Becoming One

Money management doesn’t come naturally to many folks. Worse, some people take on a lifestyle of ridiculous budgeting and spending practices without realizing just how wrong they are. You probably know of these characters — you might even be one yourself!

Car leases are tempting: You get brand new wheels for a low monthly payment. Financially, however, it's a terrible idea.

Why You Should (Almost) Never Lease A Car

A car lease gives you a brand-new car for a low monthly payment; what’s not to like? Everything. The many reasons why you should never lease a car.

Be on the lookout for these signs of financial literacy.

Want Or Need? How You See This Blurred Line Is (Almost) Everything

Let’s say you have a friend who earns the same salary. You both have similar student loan balances and neither of you have inherited money. How can your friend own a condo and a paid-in-full car while you struggle to pay the bills each month? Or vice versa? These simple but powerful factors that make some people seem so “good with money.”

bride and flowers

How to Negotiate Discounts And Freebies For Your Dream Wedding

Weddings are a blast to dream about, but can be terrifying when it’s time to consider the costs. We talked with someone who has great first-hand advice for cutting down the expense of your upcoming wedding without having to sacrifice your big plans.

What you shouldn't forget when figuring out how to fund your graduate degree

6 Ways To Financially Prepare For Grad School

Though often a sound investment, graduate school is a costly affair. Before enrolling, there are things you can do to financially prepare for grad school including studying your anticipated return on investment (ROI), making a borrowing plan and putting your existing budget and credit accounts in order.

Advice for finding side business ideas and making your part-time business a success.

For Part-time Entrepreneurs, How To Find A Side Business And Make It Successful

The side hustle is perhaps the single best thing you can do for your finances and your career. But getting started is the hardest part. Advice on finding your muse and ensuring your side business goes the distance.

Cash is dying: The dangers of an entirely cashless society.

Is Cash Obsolete? The Inevitable Dangers Of Our Cashless Economy

Only 7 percent of Americans regularly carry more than $100 cash. Credit and debit cards are convenient, but going entirely cashless carries some serious risks.

tradeMONSTER is a recommended broker for new investors, offering low-commission trades and powerful research tools.

tradeMONSTER: An Inexpensive Platform For New Investors And Active Traders Alike

Of the many online brokerages eager to invest your money, new investors should consider tradeMONSTER. Although capable of servicing active traders with powerful trading tools, the broker’s low commissions, free practice accounts, and emphasis on education will help new investors get started.

Lies people tell you about money.

Funny Money: 5 Money Lies People Tell You

When it comes to money, almost everyone lies. Here’s how to see through five common money lies so many people tell.


How To Get Started With Sustainable Investing

Do you know what your money’s been up to? If you’re invested in a major mutual fund, it’s likely funding tobacco companies, casinos, weapons manufacturers and other nefarious businesses. Learn how to be a socially responsible investor and find investments that earn healthy returns while supporting ethical and progressive companies.

How to handle friends who are bad with money.

Money Manners: How To Help A Friend Who Is Bad With Money

What do you do when a friend makes stupid financial decisions? What if she asks you for a loan? How to handle friends who are bad with money.