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3 Ways To Get Paid To Meet Your Goals

3 Apps That Pay You To Workout And Eat Healthy

Did you know you can win money by losing weight, working out, or meeting other goals? Here are apps that pay you to workout, eat your vegetables, and more.

How to qualify for a mortgage when you're self employed.

How To Qualify For A Mortgage When You’re Self Employed

Getting approved for a mortgage isn’t easy, especially if you work for yourself. But you can qualify for a mortgage when you’re self employed. Here’s how.

What to Do When Your Side Hustle Isn't Seeing Cash Flow

Grow Your Business Faster By Learning How To Deal With Low Cash Flow Months

All businesses have an annual cycle of busy and slow periods. Knowing how to deal with low cash flow periods can help you grow faster. Use your slow times to regroup, follow up with past clients, and make sure you are prepared to get as much business as you can when times are good.

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Scrawl This Down- One In Three Americans Budget On A Scrap Of Paper

3 Easy Ways You Can Be More Money-savvy Than Most Americans

A majority of Americans do crazy things with their money. If you want to be better with your money than most, it’s not that difficult. Here’s where to start.

Auto Insurance Basics Explained

Car Insurance Definitions: What Every Driver Needs To Know

Car Insurance. You probably have it, but do you fully understand it? You pay for auto insurance every month and will most likely make a claim or two… or three in your lifetime. It’s important to understand car insurance definitions and coverage types so you buy enough to protect yourself but not more than you need.


6 Financial Questions To Ask Before Moving In Together

Deciding to move in together is a huge step. It’s important to know the financial details of your partner’s life before you rent the U-Haul. His or her financial woes will quickly become your problems when it’s your name on the bill they were supposed to be helping you pay.

How index funds cost less, reduce risk and make you a better investor.

Why Index Funds Cost Less, Reduce Risk And Make You A Better Investor

Investing doesn’t have to be complicated; and with index funds, it’s not. Learn why low-cost index investing may be the secret to a better performing portfolio.

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5 Ways To Trick Yourself Into Saving More And Spend Less

5 Ways To Trick Yourself Into Saving More And Spending Less

How much you spend or save is a result of habit. That’s good news, because it means you can trick yourself into saving more. Here’s how.

5 Ways To Save On Spring Break Travel

5 Ways To Save On Spring Break Travel

Looking for a vacation on the cheap? Think back to those college days for ways to save. Road trips, packing your lunch, and unorthodox destinations are just a few things you can do to bring down the cost of your vacation.

Why People Who Get Out Of Debt Can Still Have A Low Credit Score

How To Raise Your Credit Score Once You Are Out Of Debt

Getting out of debt is a huge accomplishment. Congrats! Unfortunately, you may not be celebrating for long if you discover that you still have bad credit even after your debt is gone. It’s a common problem, but there are steps you can take. How to raise your credit score after your debts are paid off.

Should You Delay Retirement Contributions to Pay Off Debt-

Should You Delay Retirement Contributions To Pay Off Debt?

Should you postpone contributing to your 401(k) to pay off debt? When it makes sense to delay investing until you debt is paid off.

3 Ways To Set Boundaries In Business So You Don't Lose Money

Be More Assertive: 3 Ways Healthy Boundaries Will Earn You More

Start earning more money by learning to be more assertive. Why assertiveness matters, especially for entrepreneurs and side-hustlers.

A Business Suit, A Credit Goof, And Making Your Rating Bullet Proof

You Paid Bills Late: Just How Bad Is That? The Lifetime Cost Of Missed Payments

Everyone knows paying bills late is bad for your credit score. But you might not realize that the lifetime cost of missed payments could be higher than you think.

wheel replacement cropped

These Redneck Car Repairs Are So Ridiculous, They’re Actually Impressive

Nobody likes paying for car repairs, but you won’t believe the redneck car repairs people think of to avoid a trip to the mechanic. Yeah…that looks safe.

thrift store

Can We Go Thrift Shopping? Pro Tips For Finding Thrift Store Deals

If you love the smell of a bargain, thrift shops can be treasure troves…if you can get past all the junk. Here are some professional tips for finding thrift store deals.

The Capital One Venture and VentureOne credit cards are excellent values for travel rewards.

Capital One Venture Credit Card: Still Tops for Travel Rewards

We give the Capital One Venture Credit Card a top spot among travel rewards cards. Choose between a no annual fee card that pays 1.5 miles on every purchase or earn double miles for a modest annual fee.

Two New Ways To Save Money While Vacationing

2 New Ways To Save Big Money On Travel

Looking for some new tricks to save big money on travel? Two new secrets that could save you hundreds on your next trip.

job interview

6 Things You Should Never Do At A Job Interview

At a job interview, giving the right answers is critical, but knowing what NOT to do can be just as important. A former recruiter gives shares things you should NEVER do at a job interview.

self worth net worth

How Your Net Worth Is Affected By Self-worth

Make no mistake: Your net worth is affected by self-worth. If you don’t believe you are worth a lot then your bank account balance will reflect that. Here, steps you can take to improve your self-worth, and how it will likely lead to more money — perhaps a lot of it.