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Which stores pay the most for video game and DVD trades?

Funny Money: Who’ll Pay the Most Cash for Video Game and DVD Trade-ins?

Surprise: Trade-ins are a rip off. But if you’re too lazy to sell unwanted video games or movies yourself, here are stores that’ll pay most (if anything at all) for your used DVDs and games.

Does money buy happiness? Yes and no. The surprising facts.

Money Does, In Fact, Buy Happiness, But Only If You Use It Right (Here’s The Secret)

Whomever said “money doesn’t buy happiness” didn’t have all the facts. Here, research shows how using money in certain ways, but not others, can actually make you happier.

So, you want to buy a duplex? Things to know before renting out a unit in your home.

So, You Wanna Buy a Duplex? 5 Things to Know About Multi-family Homes

Living in a multi-family home while renting other units is a great way to build wealth, but it’s not as simple as some make it sound. Read this before you even consider buying a duplex or other multi-family unit.

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The best credit cards for international travel.

Traveling Abroad? The Best Credit Cards for International Travel (And Some You Should Absolutely Leave At Home)

Planning on taking a credit card overseas? Make sure you pack the right plastic. Some cards tack on hefty fees for foreign charges and aren’t as widely accepted. We explain why having the right card matters and offer a few suggestions.


Don’t Throw Good Money After Bad; When To Sell A Losing Investment

Your stocks are down: Should you sell a stock before a downturn wipes out all your gains? What about a losing investment? When do you cut your losses? Here, a look at the right and wrong reasons to sell a stock.


This Super-simple Strategy Can Make Anyone A Millionaire; Why Aren’t You Using It Yet?

Saving money CAN be easy, and successful savers have known the secret — to pay yourself first — for decades. The simplicity of automatic banking transfers makes paying yourself first even faster — and more foolproof — than ever before. If you don’t follow any other financial advice, do THIS!

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Comparing the cost of mobile plans isn't easy, but finding the right plan could save you a bundle.

Are You Paying Too Much For Your Phone? The Genius Savings Strategies The Carriers Don’t Want You To Know

Chances are good that you’re paying too much for your mobile phone. With some savvy, you can learn to compare mobile carriers and snag big monthly savings with the right phone (and plan) for your needs.

20 Big Wastes of Money

The Top 20 Ways Americans Love to Waste Money; Are You Guilty?

Five-dollar venti lattes are just the beginning. A new list of the top 20 ways Americans waste money. Before you judge the latte-sippers or the credit card interest-payers, find out if you’re guilty of any of these, yourself.

How to save money on clothes: Tips from fashion insiders.

Dress to Impress: Insiders Share 4 Frugal Fashion Strategies

Nice clothes get you noticed and can make you feel more confident…even happier (it’s true). And you don’t have to be a shopaholic to own a flattering wardrobe. Fashion insiders share four easy, practical strategies for looking good for (a lot) less.

Colored States

Which U.S. States are Most Responsible with Credit? The Most (and Least) Credit-savvy States in the Nation

Does where you live influence how well you use credit? It may. This map of the United States ranks each state on average credit card debt, average credit score and the number of bankruptcy filings per capita. How credit-savvy is your state?

iBank is a best of breed budgeting and money management software package for Mac

iBank Review: Financial Software for Macs (Nope, Not a Web App; That’s a Good Thing)

iBank is a full-featured personal finance and budgeting software suite for Mac, iPhone and iPad. Here, our test drive results of iBank 5.

Get over your fear of investing.

End Your Fear of Investing

Investing is the key to building wealth, yet many let fear hold them back from buying a single stock. Three no-nonsense reasons to get over your fear and why you should start investing today.

Was your student loan worth it?

Is Your Student Loan Debt ‘Worth It’?

Higher education is supposed to be a no-brainer: Even if you have to borrow, you’ll earn more with a degree. But that ROI is breaking down. As more of us take out gigantic student loans and struggle to find the right jobs, we ask: Was your student loan debt worth it or not?

Why Tithe? How giving away 10% can make you rich.

Can Tithing Make You Rich? Why Some of the World’s Wealthiest Give Away 10 Percent of Their Money

Proponents of tithing–the act of giving 10 percent of your income to church or charity–say the practice leads to a healthier financial life, even to greater abundance. Here, why there may be truth in the centuries-old promise: “One gives freely, yet grows all the richer.”

How to invest in sideways markets: Be a playmaker.

Be a Smarter Investor: The Best Investments to Make When Markets Waver Between Up and Down

It’s easy enough to buy low and sell high when the stock market rallies and dips. But how do you profit as an investor when the market is sideways? Learn the pro tactics to find investment opportunities even in the most boring of markets.

Shopping for a new computer? Don't be a sucker!

Funny Money: How Not to Suck at Shopping for a New Computer

The moment you buy a new computer, the ghost of Steve Jobs will conjure something lighter, faster, better and — arg — cheaper! Although obsolescence is unavoidable, you can avoid these hair-brained computer-shopping mistakes and save some major gigabucks.

Make saving easier by changing the way you think about putting money aside.

With This One Simple Mental Trick, You’ll Be Amazed at How Much More Motivated You’ll Be to Save

Do you find it difficult to put money aside for a rainy day? Does “retirement” seem so far away that it’s almost irrelevant? This easy mental trick makes saving easier and just might get you more excited about saving money than spending it.

What to say friends or parents who are nosy about your money

Money Manners: What To Say When Friends — or Mom and Dad — Ask About Your Money

Yes, we live in a time when we’re used to sharing every little detail about ourselves on Facebook. But some things, like money, you may still want to keep private. Here’s how (even if your mother is pestering you to disclose what you earn).