Quick Look: Amazon Prime Pantry Costs A Pretty Penny

Amazon Pantry, a door-to-door grocery delivery service for Amazon Prime members, promises a convenient way to stock up on staples, but it’s not cheap.

Amazon Prime Pantry

Irked by Amazon’s bump in the cost of Prime membership? The e-commerce giant hopes you might find solace in their latest offering of premium services: Prime Pantry.

In addition to free two-day shipping and a growing list of streaming media, Amazon is offering doorstep delivery of everyday grocery items to Prime Members (whose annual membership was raised from $79 to $99 this year). For $6, you can fill a box with 45 pounds of soda, cereal, and other goods traditionally found at your local supermarket.

Amazon claims it’ll save you time, gas, and money. As an urban dweller, I was skeptical if there was anything in this for me beyond the convenience of doorstep delivery. After a dry run of grocery shopping a la Prime Pantry, I confirmed my suspicion, and found there was even more left to be desired.

The cost of goods offered on Prime Pantry just doesn’t compete with my local Stop & Shop and Target. You might find a coupon or two that fits your shopping list in Amazon’s equivalent of a weekly flyer, but the overall price of my shopping cart was none cheaper than what I could expect from my neighborhood grocer.

Cost aside, my biggest issue with Primary Pantry lies in their brand selection. The bulk of the brands I typically seek for things like cat food, paper towels, sodas, cleaner, aren’t available in their lineup.

What’s more, stores like Target or Shaw’s will always boast a wide breadth of store brand goods, which undercuts any of Prime Pantry’s lowest cost brands.

Prime Pantry might come as a boon to some — especially for those who highly value the convenience it provides. Alas, my hope of bypassing the pains of the grocery store bustle will have to wait a while longer.

That is, unless I can start getting my Swiss chard via quadcopter.

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