Intuit Releases Quicken Online Mobile iPhone App

In last week’s list of 15 top financial iPhone apps, I lamented the absence of a Quicken Online application. Just one week later, my prayers have been answered. Last Thursday, Intuit released an iPhone app version of the free Quicken Online budgeting tool.

Although I just started playing with the Quicken Online Mobile app, I like what I see so far.

For one, the app is like all Quicken products in that it helps you look at the future of your finances, not just the past. By predicting your paychecks and recurring bills; Quicken products don’t just show you how much money you have in all of your combined accounts, they give you an idea of how much money you actually have to spend. Often, those can be two very different figures.

I think this forward-looking view of your finances is especially cool in a mobile application, because it allows you to make informed purchasing decisions on the go. Of course, Quicken Online Mobile does more than let you check your recent spending and bank account balances. You can also:

  • Locate your own bank’s ATMs wherever you go.
  • Record transactions as you spend (perfect for tracking cash).
  • Compare current spending to your monthly budget.

Want to Try Quicken Online Mobile? You’ll need a Quicken Online account (also free) first, and then you can download the Quicken Online Mobile app from iTunes.

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  1. I really want the functionality of LandWare’s Pocket Quicken – one-touch sync with the desktop version of quicken. To encourage LandWare to develop PQ for the iPhone I started a petition at:
    Please sign the petition! Thank you.