Review of the College Grad Money Guide

Jim over at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity recently announced a free e-book called the College Grad Money Guide. Since the e-book’s topic is right up my alley, I had to take a look.

The College Grad Money Guide is a short and sweet 13-page introduction to everything a newbie to the real world needs to know about money, from how to choose your checking and savings account to how to set up your 401k and IRA. While the guide doesn’t go into great detail about each subject, I do think it covers all the basics, and of course provides links to other useful articles on Jim’s site which feature more in-depth information.

If you’re graduating and need some quick answers about how to set up your finances without having to comb through blogs or buy and read a 200 page book, the College Grad Money Guide is for you.

My one criticism — if you can call it that — is that I think we need to get a lot of this information before college, not after it. Nobody should graduate high school without knowing the importance of saving for emergencies, how to budget, how to build and use credit responsibly, and the sinister truths about debt. I developed all of my poor money habits in college, not after it, and I have friends in bankruptcy because of the money they spent while still in college!

That said, I highly recommend this e-book to anybody looking for a clear and concise review of starting off on the right foot financially.

Download the free College Grade Money Guide e-Book here.

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