Receipt Organization a la Netflix

It seems like only a year ago I was lamenting the absence of innovative web-based personal budgeting tools. Today we have and, and even Quicken has launched an online budgeting product. While these sites are all long overdue ways to keep tabs on your money, one site,, takes the cake for the most unique new financial tool: web-based receipt organization. offers online receipt organization and management. Basically a super simple budgeting tool, users can enter receipt information in a free section to track monthly spending.’s uniqueness, however, comes from their premium service: mail-in receipt scanning.

For just under $20 a month you can mail all of your paper receipts to who will scan and upload them to your web-based account. From there you can organize them however you wish, download them, even share your purchases with other Shoeboxed users. Why would you want to share them? I haven’t quite figured that out, but you can.

I think will likely appeal to three different kinds of people: Accountants, road warriors, and anybody who wants an organized way to track spending but doesn’t want to fiddle with a full-feature program like Quicken.

Check out here.

What do you think? Is this something you would ever use? What do you do with receipts now?

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  1. David,

    Well, it’s nice to have been mentioned on your blog since everyone working at Shoeboxed is, in fact, under 30. I think you’ve realized the potential of Shoeboxed as a time saver and financial organizer. And as far as the sharing goes? That’s totally optional and anonymous… its just a placeholder really for a longer campaign to take back control of information and put it back in the hands of consumers like you, me, and everybody else.

    Thanks for the review,

    Dan Englander