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Get quick and easy life insurance quotes now.Life insurance rates vary widely—the best way to start shopping is to compare quotes from a few companies. We’ll help you:

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PolicyGenius is my recommended provider for totally free, no-obligation life insurance quotes that can be as little as $10 a month. (You can read a full review of PolicyGenius and its service here.)

Why PolicyGenius?

PolicyGenius is a web-based life insurance agent that works with some of the nation’s top-rated insurance companies.

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Traditionally, when you apply for a life insurance quote, you have to fill out lots of very personal health information. Then, after all of that, the website doesn’t even give you quotes! Worse yet, agents just start calling you nonstop. You get dozens of unwanted calls before you even know what your policy might cost. No, thanks.

PolicyGenius is different.

When you fill out a free, no-obligation quote request on their secure Website, you’ll actually get…quotes. Think of that!

You talk with an agent on the phone only if you think it will be useful. (Now, if you decide you want to purchase life insurance, talking to an agent is necessary. But if you’re just shopping around, you shouldn’t have to put up with unwanted phone calls, which PolicyGenius gets.)

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