The Willpower Myth: Why Self-Control Is Not Enough

Do you have good self-control? (Seriously, do you? Please share in a comment. Think you have willpower of steel? Brag and beat your chest---but please give examples of how you’re strong-willed. Know you can’t be trusted alone in a room with a bag o … [Read more...]

Your Money Ratios Book Review

As a financial writer, I try to do one thing above all else: Make intimidating financial topics easier to understand. Sometimes I succeed, often I fail, but my goal is always the same: Make managing your money simpler. So I am excited to review a … [Read more...]

Essential Personal Finance Books

I'll be the first to admit that browsing the personal finance section at your local Barnes & Noble can be intimidating. There are hundreds of personal finance titles to choose from; it's possible to spend a small fortune trying to learn how to … [Read more...]