How To Open Your First IRA

How to open your first ira, choose between traditional and roth, and select investments.

However old you are, the time to start saving for retirement is NOW. The alphabet soup of retirement accounts can be confusing, but it’s not as hard as it seems. Learn how to open your first IRA in three easy steps.

Your First Investment Account: In Search of the Friendliest Brokers for New Investors


Ready to open your first investment account? Congrats. Here’s what to look for in a broker or mutual fund company when you open an IRA or other trading account.

Scottrade Review: A Friendly Online Broker for New Investors

Scottrade is one of our recommended brokers for young investors.

Want to open a brokerage account or IRA but are unsure where to turn? Scottrade offers a solid choice with $7 trades, no minimum opening deposit for retirement accounts, and over 460 branches around the U.S.

Motif Investing Review: Trade ‘Buckets’ Of Themed Stocks For $9.95

Motif is a new online broker that lets you trade buckets of up to 30 stocks with a shared theme for $9.95.

Motif is an alternative online broker that allows you to invest in buckets of up to 30 stocks for just $9.95 per trade. You can choose from pre-made motifs or create your own mini mutual fund of stocks you select. Motif allows beginning investors to diversify their portfolios for far less than paying trade commissions on individual stocks.

Betterment Review: A Simple Investing Solution

Betterment provides simple investing as a great alternative to online brokers.

Betterment is an investing platform that makes investing decisions blisteringly easy: Choose a desired mix of stocks/bonds, your goal, and you’re done.

ShareBuilder Review: Alternative to Online Brokers Targets Automatic Investors

If you want to start investing, you need at least a couple grand to get you going, right? Brokers have minimum opening deposits, and then you need to buy enough shares of stock to justify paying trade commissions. Although that may be true at many online stock brokers, it’s not the case with ShareBuilder. ShareBuilder […]

Where’s the Best Place to Open an IRA?

Vanguard provides high quality, low-cost mutual funds, making it a great place to open an IRA.

I’ve been bugging my wife to open an individual retirement account (IRA) in addition to her state retirement plan. Of course, she’s looking to me for the basics like…”OK, where do I open the account?” Easy question; tricky answer. I’ve held IRAs in two places. A few years back I rolled over a 401(k) to […]

How to Choose a Stock Broker

Finding the right stock broker can be overwhelming. There is a glut of brokerage companies out there—both online and full service—and each service claims to be the best. So how, exactly, can you tell which broker is right for you? As you approach shopping for a new broker, you need to decide which services you […]