Should You Ever Buy a Brand New Car?

True penny pinchers always buy used cars over new ones for one rock solid reason: new cars depreciate by thousands of dollars the second you drive off the lot. But three years ago, before my financial epiphany, I bought a new car, and I don’t regret it. I concede that buying used is usually best, […]

The Cost of a Long Distance Commute

Have you every considered taking a long distance commute for a better job or to live where you want? If so, exactly how much would that long distance commute cost?

Do You Fix Your Dings?

Less than two years after buying a new pickup truck, I had received not one, but two grapefruit-sized dents – one for each side – thanks to two different drivers’ reluctance to use a rear-view mirror.

When Your Car is a Gold Digger: Budgeting for Auto Maintenance

Your car. You love it when it takes you to work or through winding mountains on a weekend escape. When it comes time for oil changes and tune-ups, however, your car stereo plays a different tune.

Can You (Really) Save on Car Insurance?

Car insurance. You hate paying for it until you need it. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could actually get a cheaper car insurance policy?

Ex-Car Salesman Tells All: How to Beat the Auto Dealerships at Their Own Game

Ex-Car Salesman Tells All- How to Beat the Auto Dealerships at Their Own Game

Working in auto sales give me a peek at car dealerships’ playbook. Here are some of the most common tactics car salesmen use to increase their profit — and how much you pay. Fight back with these tips on how to negotiate with car salesmen like a pro.

The Best New Cars for College Graduates

After graduation you’ll need some new wheels to get to that all-important first job. But which new car is for you? Money Under 30 picks the top new cars for college graduates and young professionals under 30 based on affordability, reliability, and appeal. 2007 Scion tC Avg. MSRP: $15,000 (Man.) If you crave an affordable […]

Shopping For Your First Car

Buying your first car (or any car) is both exciting and scary. But learn the golden rule of car shopping and get on the road to happy car ownership.