The Best Financial iPhone Apps


Updated! Popular since we first published this list of some of the best financial iPhone apps in early 2009, we refresh this list periodically to help you keep tabs on at least a few of the best financial apps in the Appstore. -DW Personal Capital Personal Capital is quickly becoming our favorite free desktop and […]

How to Shrink Your Supersize Smartphone Bill

Smartphone bills are getting out of control; here are some ways to mitigate the damage that new data plan does to your budget.

These days, it seems almost everyone has some kind of fancy phone glued to their palm 24 hours a day. We just can’t live without our status updates and tweeting and texting and e-mailing. We’re using our phones to cook dinner, pay bills, make reservations, and even change our thermostat. But these little luxuries come […]

The Real Cost of an iPhone

How much does the iPhone really cost?

I want an iPhone. The bug took a few years later to bite me than many others, but it did. I have played with countless iPhones and tested lots of cool apps. But oddly enough, it was actually the iPad that did it. I was playing with one yesterday and I was like “Okay, I […]

How To Save Money On Your Cell Phone

save money on your cell phone

We all want to save money on our cell phone. No matter which plan you choose you always have this nagging feeling that you are paying too much. Here are some ideas to truly save on your cell phone service.