Do You Make This Dangerous Credit Card Mistake?

Let’s be honest: We make a lot of mistakes with credit cards. I like to assume that most people don’t start drowning in high-interest credit card debt on purpose. We don’t choose to fork over billions to credit card companies every year because we … [Read more...]

Credit Card Strategies: Building an ‘Army’ of Cashback Credit Cards

Do you have an "army" of cashback credit cards? Is this plastic in your wallet a force to be reckoned with? Does each of your credit cards serve a special role that, when combined, earn you a ton of rewards just for your ordinary shopping? These … [Read more...]

American Express Zync Card Review

The American Express Zync Card, a charge card geared towards twenty-somethings, is a possible alternative to traditional credit/debit cards for anybody under 30. I have been a fan of Amex charge cards and used one myself for a while. So what's the … [Read more...]

Credit Card Alternatives

Credit card companies are raising interest rates on just about everybody these days, fueling many people's passionate disdain for using any credit card for any reason. Once upon a time, there was only one alternative to spending with credit cards: … [Read more...]

My Credit Card Raised My Interest Rate! Here’s What to Do

Stories of credit card companies raising interest rates on just about everybody---even customers with perfect credit, no debt, and no late payments---continue to roll in. That's because the CARD Act takes effect this winter and will restrict … [Read more...]

Radically Re-Thinking Credit Cards: Part Two

Yesterday, I recommended a new way to pare down your credit cards. I don't want you to cancel them all or use them like crazy to earn rewards. I just recommend keeping two credit cards---the card you've had the longest and the card with the highest … [Read more...]

Radically Re-Thinking Credit Cards: Part One

The majority of financial advice on credit cards falls into one of two categories: Credit cards are evil and you should cancel them and never, ever use them again. Credit cards are fantastically convenient when used responsibly and can actually … [Read more...]

Beware Credit Card Skimmers and How to Spot Them

Talk about serendipitous. I've been planning today's post on credit card and ATM "skimmers" (jerry-rigged little devices criminals use to steal your card numbers), and yesterday my brother tells me he spotted one of these suckers at a rest area on … [Read more...]

Under 21? The CARD Act Restricts Your Access to Credit

The CARD Act could go into effect as soon as December. Although legislators passed the CARD Act with Americans’ best interests in mind, the act also means credit card users may see higher interest rates and fewer rewards. And for anyone under 21, the … [Read more...]

Living Credit Card-to-Credit Card: Escape from Revolving Debt Hell

Many people live paycheck-to-paycheck. Income goes into your checking account, and all of it’s gone before next payday. That’s scary. Even scarier? Living credit card-to-credit card. In other words, using credit cards that already have bal … [Read more...]