Behind On Bills? How To Catch Up

When Debt Payments Fall Behind, Take These Steps To Catch Up

It happens to the best of us: life gets crazy and you fall behind on bills. You don’t have to be a victim to your creditors. Here’s how to catch up to save your credit score (and your dollars).

Debt Collectors Can’t Call Your Cell: Know Your Rights When Dealing With Collection Agencies

How To Fight Back Against Debt Collectors, And Win

Debt collectors can be unlawful and abusive. But if you know your rights when dealing with debt collection agencies, you can keep them in their place.

10 Questions To Ask Your Financial Advisor

Top 10 Questions To Ask Your Financial Advisor

So you’ve decided to take the next step in your finances and hire a financial advisor. Great! Here are some questions you can ask that will make sure you are getting exactly what you are looking for.

How We Save: This Woman Said “Enough!” To Debt; Here’s What She Did

How We Save: Gabrielle Stokes, 28, is an electrical engineering grad waging war on her post-college debt.

Gabrielle Stokes is rocking this money thing, but that wasn’t always the case. She shares the revelations that led her to get smart about money and the specific financial tactics she’s using to grow her net worth and be debt free by next year.

Use The “Savings Triangle” To Pay Down Debt Faster

The Savings Triangle provides 3 areas in which to focus when you're trying to save or pay off debt.

I paid off $80,000 in debt in 3.5 years by using what I call the Savings Triangle: Cut spending, increase earning, then automate and optimize.

Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University: An Unbiased Review

Dave Ramsey screen shot

Wondering if Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University is for you? Ramsey motivates millions to get out of debt, but his program’s not perfect.

Should You Pay Off Debt Before Investing?


Big payments on credit card debts, student loans and mortgages eat away at how much you can save or invest. A sense of obligation or even guilt can dissuade people from opening an investment account and funding their retirement portfolios before these debts are paid off. That could be a costly mistake.

Find Your Financial Balance

Child Balancing on Balls

In debt? Why not head out and get a loan for the trendiest, most expensive car you can find. Never mind the interest rate. As long as you can get approved! And don’t worry about getting the car insured either, because the chance you’ll get into a wreck is pretty slim. And last but not […]

How To Calculate Your Monthly Payment

Math Formula

Have a student loan, home loan, or personal loan? Have you ever wondered exactly how your lender calculated your monthly payment on the day you accepted the money? Sure, there are interest calculators and other available resources online to help you figure out just how much you will be paying back at the end of […]