10 Questions To Ask Your Financial Advisor

I made a good move, if somewhat accidental, when I moved my 401(k) into a vanilla IRA after I was laid off from my job in 2009. The timing couldn’t have better. As the Great Recession wiped out many retirement accounts, my money held the line and d … [Read more...]

How We Save: This Woman Said “Enough!” To Debt; Here’s What She Did

From ancient times through the mid-19th Century, debtors’ prisons served as places where you stashed those people who couldn’t pay off their financial obligations. But you don’t need an edifice of brick and iron bars to feel like debt has taken away y … [Read more...]

Use The “Savings Triangle” To Pay Down Debt Faster

When U.S. News  ran a story earlier this year about how I paid off $80,000 of debt before turning 30, I was flooded with emails from new and existing readers wondering how I did it. Even veteran finance journalists were curious. I’ve written a lot … [Read more...]

Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University: An Unbiased Review

Americans are up to their ears in debt. According to the Federal Reserve, the average American household has just over $15,000 in credit card debt as well as over $31,000 in student loan debt, as of September 2013. If you're one of the millions … [Read more...]

Should You Pay Off Debt Before Investing?

One of the biggest decisions you're going to face when beginning to invest is whether or not to pay off debt first. Looming credit card debts, student loans and mortgages have large appetites that demand attention and eat away at savings accounts … [Read more...]

Find Your Financial Balance

In debt? Why not head out and get a loan for the trendiest, most expensive car you can find. Never mind the interest rate. As long as you can get approved! And don’t worry about getting the car insured either, because the chance you’ll get into a wre … [Read more...]

How To Calculate Your Monthly Payment

Have a student loan, home loan, or personal loan? Have you ever wondered exactly how your lender calculated your monthly payment on the day you accepted the money? Sure, there are interest calculators and other available resources online to help you … [Read more...]