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How Much Life Insurance Do You Need?

How much life insurance do you need?

Here’s a simple way to calculate how much life insurance you should purchase. Take into account loans, and how to ensure your family can continue its current lifestyle.

The High Price Of Divorce, Financial And Emotional

The High Price Of Divorce, Financial And Emotional

Divorce can have hidden financial and emotional consequences. Knowing your full financial situation right from the start will help proceedings. Also, having some emotional support while you go through this tough time can help you from making a bad situation worse.

How We Save: For Nicholas Befort, Good Money Habits Are All In The Family

How We Safe: Nicholas Befort

Nicholas Befort, 29, learned good money habits from his father, a financial advisor. How the lessons helped him get off to a good financial start and follow his father into a financial services career.

Are Certified Pre-Owned Cars Worth The Premium Price?

debating used versus pre owned cars

Auto manufacturers offer certified pre-owned programs to alleviate car buyers’ concerns about buying a lemon. But how much more should you be willing to pay for a certified pre-owned car?

What To Do When You You’re Over Roth IRA Income Limits


If you’re single and make more than $131,000 per year or married and jointly make more than $193,000 per year, congrats: You are no longer eligible to contribute to a Roth IRA. How can you still optimize your retirement savings if you’re over Roth IRA income limits?

How To Interview A Financial Advisor: A Proven Script

Stock photo of a young couple meeting with their financial adviser. Via MoneyUnder30.com

Finding a financial advisor is like finding a trusted mechanic. Learn how to interview a financial advisor and tell if he or she is a good fit.

A Woman’s Money: 8 Steps to Financial Success


Everyone’s different, but women in particular may face certain challenges in their financial lives. Here, an advisor weighs in on how to make those issues a bit easier.

Should You Pay Off Debt Before Investing?


Big payments on credit card debts, student loans and mortgages eat away at how much you can save or invest. A sense of obligation or even guilt can dissuade people from opening an investment account and funding their retirement portfolios before these debts are paid off. That could be a costly mistake.

Considering a Move to the Suburbs? Here’s What to Look For


With many urban environments pricing themselves beyond the reach of young adults, and quite a few downsides to big city life (from congestion and traffic to outrageous fees, high rents and a dearth of downtown parking), modern suburbs have their attractions.

The Bizarre World of Bitcoin Speculation: Should you Invest?

Screen Shot 2013-07-17 at 11.26.38 PM

There has been lots of buzz and gossip about the Bitcoin. But what does it mean for you? Here’s an analysis of whether you should invest.