How I Make Online Banking More Secure

Make online banking more secure with 2-step verification, unique usernames, and keeping private data out of emails.

Thieves, jealous exes, and the NSA all want to hack your email. What’s to stop them from trying your bank account?

Facebook, Texting Increases Your Risk of Identity Theft: Here’s What to Do


The statistics tell a grim story: In 2011, identity fraud increased by 13 percent, with more than 11.6 million adults becoming victims, Javelin reports. The sobering story behind those stats is that certain social and mobile behaviors promote higher rates of fraud.

Identity Theft: What You Need to Know to Protect Yourself

All worked up about identify theft? Don’t be. This post concludes my four-part series on identity theft in recognition of “Identity Theft Protection Awareness Week” which is coming up. It’s a revision of a post I did a while back originally titled “Identity Theft: How to Prevent it and Stop Worrying.” Some comments on the […]

Beware Credit Card Skimmers and How to Spot Them

Examples of credit card skimmers.

Talk about serendipitous. I’ve been planning today’s post on credit card and ATM “skimmers” (jerry-rigged little devices criminals use to steal your card numbers), and yesterday my brother tells me he spotted one of these suckers at a rest area on the New York Thruway. He alerted managers, who called the cops, who confirmed it […]

Seven Signs You’re At-Risk For Identity Theft

I know what you’re thinking: “I’m young, I’m Web-savvy, I don’t need to worry about identity theft.” Street smarts alone may not protect you from every identity theft trap; this stuff can happen to anybody! What follows are seven signs that you may be at-risk. Note: Next week, the National Foundation for Credit Counseling and […]