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The Backdoor Roth IRA: How To Open A Roth, Even If You Earn Too Much

How to open a Roth IRA even if you earn too much.

Roth IRAs have traditionally been off-limits to savers who earn too much. But the Backdoor Roth IRA is a tax loophole that allows anyone to open a Roth IRA. Here’s how.

The Roth IRA: What It Is, How It Works, And Why You (Definitely) Need One

The Roth IRA- What It Is, How It Works, And Why You (Definitely) Need One

A Roth IRA is a saver’s best friend. Learn how Roth IRAs work, why they’re so great and if you’re eligible to contribute.

What To Do When You You’re Over Roth IRA Income Limits


If you’re single and make more than $131,000 per year or married and jointly make more than $193,000 per year, congrats: You are no longer eligible to contribute to a Roth IRA. How can you still optimize your retirement savings if you’re over Roth IRA income limits?

How To Open Your First IRA

How to open your first ira, choose between traditional and roth, and select investments.

However old you are, the time to start saving for retirement is NOW. The alphabet soup of retirement accounts can be confusing, but it’s not as hard as it seems. Learn how to open your first IRA in three easy steps.

23 Things Beginners Absolutely Must Know About Saving For Retirement

23 things beginners need to know about saving for retirement.

Saving for your future doesn’t have to suck. Here’s how to decipher the alphabet soup of retirement accounts and motivate yourself to start investing today.

Where To Invest: 401k, IRA Or Both?

Where should you start investing -- your 401(k) or an IRA?

You know you need to save for retirement, but where do you start? Learn the differences between retirement savings accounts at work — like a 401(k) — and an individual retirement account (IRA) which you can open on your own.

In an Emergency, How to Borrow Money From Your IRA


We all know that retirement accounts are for retirement; it’s foolish to withdraw from them for anything else and will often cost you thousands in IRS penalties. But one loophole allows you to borrow money from your IRA penalty-free (as long as you pay it back within 60 days).

How To Go From $0 to $1 Million In Savings On $30,000 A Year


Think you can’t become a millionaire if a salary of $30,000 a year? Think again. The tactics real people use to save $1 million or more even with modest incomes.

Choosing Investments For Your IRA

Opening an IRA is a good step, but you have to choose investments if you want your money to grow.

Don’t let an overwhelming array of choices stop you from saving for retirement. There are simple choices out there such as Betterment or Vanguard’s Total Stock Market Fund. Still don’t feel confident, you can always call for help from your brokerage firm’s customer service.

Making Prior Year IRA Contributions

David Weliver, Founder, MoneyUnder30.com

Individual retirement arrangements, or IRAs, provide tax incentives for saving for retirement. If you can afford it, I strongly encourage everybody to contribute at least a little bit to a Roth IRA every year, even if you have a 401(k) or other retirement plan at work. And among the many benefits of IRAs is the […]