Lending Club Loans: Get a Loan, Get $150 Back

As regular readers know, I’m a frequent advocate of Lending Club and social lending. Between now and October 1st, if you apply for a Lending Club loan and get it approved and funded, you can receive a $150 rebate. I should point out that yes, L … [Read more...]

The Lending Club IRA

Did you know that you can open a free individual retirement account (IRA) on Lending Club? It’s true. So if you’re craving an alternative to target-date mutual funds (and stocks, in general), consider adding social lending to your retirement pla … [Read more...]

Savings Interest Rates Suck, But Here’s What You Can Do About It

Today, I want to tackle a common question: When savings account interest rates suck, how else can you get a return on your cash? Here’s how one reader phrased it: I’m a single young professional without any debt. I make a decent living. I have a 4 … [Read more...]

Is Lending Club a Good Investment for You?

For the past six months, I’ve been lending money---$25 at a time---to perfect strangers. In exchange, I’m on track to earn a 12% annual return on my investment. No, I’m not a loan shark; I’m a Lending Club investor. Person-to-person lending is c … [Read more...]

Peer-to-Peer Auto Loans

It’s best to buy a car with cash---but not everybody has saved up thousands of dollars when the need for new transportation strikes. Although car shoppers have several options for financing a new or used car, including many online lenders, buyers w … [Read more...]