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The ABCs Of Mutual Fund Share Classes


Do you know the difference between A, B and C mutual fund shares? Or how a no-load fund differs from a C share? Learning these distinctions could save you thousands in investment expenses over your lifetime.

How to Invest for Short-Term Goals (Less Than 10 Years Out)

How do you save for goals less than 10 years out -- maximizing returns while minimizing risk?

Raise your hand if you’re trying to save for something big in the next 10 years. A new car? Your wedding? The down payment on a home? More education? Most financial advice tells you to save for two –- maybe three — things: A rainy day (the cash you stash away in your emergency fund), […]

5 Mutual Funds to Get You Started

What is a mutual fund? This simple diagram explains what mutual funds do.

Let’s proceed carefully. Although I’ve done it once or twice before, I try to avoid recommending individual stocks or funds. Such “picks” are a dime a dozen on other blogs, in major financial magazines or on Jim Cramer’s TV shows. At best, investing in stocks and funds featured in the media won’t hurt you. The […]

Money Mentors: Teacher and Entrepreneur Tom Morris on Working Multiple Jobs, Taking Risks

M&D in Florida_09

David’s post “Why You Should Work Multiple Jobs,” really got me thinking. Much of the advice in that post sounded like lessons I’ve heard since I was little.

Where To Begin Investing: 12 Ideas From My Own Portfolio

Struggling with where to begin investing? Start simple with an index ETF or mutual fund.

Choosing your investments can be overwhelming, and even after you’ve made your choice you will probably still second guess yourself. I’ve learned that simple is best. Here’s how I’ve set up my portfolio.

Green Investing: How Your Investments Can Help The Earth

Green investing: Socially responsible mutual funds can ensure your investments help the environment, not harm it.

Earth Day is an annual reminder of things we can do as individuals to help preserve our habitat and the resources that sustain us. When we think about living green, recycling, buying locally, or trading in the SUV for a Prius usually come to mind. Not coincidentally, these green practices may result in having more green […]

How To Pick A Mutual Fund

How to Pick a Mutual Fund

When picking a mutual fund you have two main things to consider, your investing goals and the funds management style. Your investing goals depend on your investment time frame. The funds management style includes fees incurred and overall performance. If you find a mutual fund that meets your investing time frame, with low fees, and good performance you may have yourself a winner.

Understanding What Mutual Funds Cost

You can find a mutual fund's fees in its prospectus or on data Websites like Morningstar.

So, you found the perfect mutual fund for your investment goals. Before you invest, do you know how much that mutual fund costs? Last week, I wrote a beginner’s guide to mutual funds. As I said, mutual funds are ideal investments for new investors and anybody who wants to take advantage of the stock market’s […]

How Mutual Funds Can Help You Start Investing

How Mutual Funds Can Help You Start Investing (1)

A mutual fund is like a basket of investments; a single mutual fund can hold thousands of different stocks and bonds, enabling you to invest in all of them by purchasing a single share of the fund. For this and other reasons, mutual funds are the perfect way to begin investing.

The Best Mutual Funds and ETFs for New Investors

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about the best places for new investors to open investing accounts. But a complementary decision (and, perhaps, a more important one) isn’t where to invest, but how. I began to answer that question recently as well, in my review of The Investment Answer. It’s a book that […]