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Lending Club Loans: Get a Loan, Get $150 Back

As regular readers know, I’m a frequent advocate of Lending Club and social lending. Between now and October 1st, if you apply for a Lending Club loan and get it approved and funded, you can receive a $150 rebate. I should point out that yes, Lending Club is an affiliate. That said, my support for […]

Is Lending Club a Good Investment for You?

Lending Club person-to-person lending is a good investment for those already diversified.

Is Lending Club a smart investment for you? Lending Club is not a scam; it’s a person-to-person lending network where ordinary people like you and me can loan money to others.

Peer-to-Peer Auto Loans

Peer-to-peer auto loans provide a great alternative to dealer financing.

Peer-to-peer auto loans provide an attractive alternative to car dealership financing. They allow you to shop like a cash buyer and they’re unsecured, meaning there are no restrictions on the year or model of car you buy.

Person-to-Person Personal Loans

Lending Club Loan Application

In the past year, we have seen banks cut back credit lines, raise interest rates, and limit new loans to only people with immaculate—and I mean immaculate–credit histories. That means it’s become difficult, if not impossible, for well-meaning borrowers to consolidate debt or transfer their debt to a lower interest rate through a traditional bank. […]