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Is Your Favorite Charity a Scam? How to be Sure


Not all charities are created equal. Here’s how to find out if you’re donating to a great organization — or getting scammed.

How to Choose a Career Based on Your Personality Type


Sometimes you just need a job. But if you’re embarking on your career or approaching a crossroads, you have the opportunity to ask not only where you can get a job that pays the bills, but what kind of job might make you happy.

10 Things Arrested Development Taught Us About Money

We can learn a lot about money by watching Arrested Development.

If you love the show Arrested Development as much as I do, you’ve already cleared your schedule on May 26 when the show returns on Netflix for a fourth season featuring 15 simultaneously released episodes. Frozen bananas? Check. Kidding aside, underneath the Bluth family’s wacky antics is a theme all-too-important to financial blogs that came […]

Funny Money: The Finer Points of Getting Rid of Your Junk for Profit

A garage sale

Since you read awesome personal finance blogs like this one, surely you’re aware of the mystical powers of compound interest. But did you realize that the same principles apply to stuffed animals and squeeze bottles? It’s true. When you’re not looking, unwanted knick-knacks that clutter up your house have a way of multiplying, quite possibly […]

Funny Money: Trashy Ways to Save on Your Garbage Costs

garbage bag

When you spend money on trash disposal, you’re throwing your money out with the garbage. The wastefulness of garbage bins filled with bags of discarded refuse would make our caveman ancestors — who would make use of every part of the mammoths they killed — yell at us. “Oooga booga blaarg!” they would sternly lecture, […]

Funny Money: Spotting Wastes of Money Disguised as Good Deals

fish on a hook

Marketing wizards spend their days conjuring up hypnotic spells meant to part you with your money. These spells, which are cast via marketing pitches, trick you into thinking you’re getting something extra for your money by taking advantage of a special offer. Cheap sons of pitches like me, who are constantly seeking deals, are particularly […]

Funny Money: How to Work Hard at Seeming to be a Hard Worker

George Costanza, grumpy at the office in a Seinfeld screenshot

We’ve all noticed slacker co-workers who always seem to get the breaks when it comes to raises and promotions. It’s easy to resent these folks, but what you should be doing is learning from them. Though books have been written on the subject, their arts aren’t widely known, and most anyone can use a brush-up on the matter. […]

How to Find a Financial Mentor (And Why You Need One!)


A few weeks ago, we met Allison Beacham, a young woman who helped us negotiate the world of renting. Like many Money Under 30 readers, Allison knows quite a bit about money for someone still in college. In her case, there’s a good reason why. Allison is the daughter of Susan Beacham (pictured), founder of […]

Funny Money: The 7 Rules of Ridiculously Cheap Gaming

A guy playing video games

There are more degrading and addictive forms of entertainment than video games. Like maybe My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, crack, and … huh, did I mention crack? It’s hard to come up with anything more addictive than gaming. Unfortunately, controlling flashing pixels with your thumbs is depressingly costly when you step back to evaluate […]

Funny Money: How to Watch HBO and Showtime for Free

This guy's Game of Thrones may not be free, but HBO's may just be.

I know what you’re thinking when you read the headline. “How could there possibly be an entire article on that topic? Just do what everyone does and download episodes of Girls and Homeland on your roommate’s computer!” Stop right there. Piracy is wrong. Not only can it get your roommate thrown in jail — he […]