The Principle That Can Make You Rich or Keep You Broke

Speeding Through Tunnel

Imagine you’re in the final stretch of a grueling race, vying for first with a small pack of determined opponents. As adrenaline and your desire to win pushes you forward, one by one, you pass your competitors. Finally, with the finish line in sight, you’re in the lead. Of course, you won’t relax and give […]

How to Organize Your Finances in Three Simple Steps

Pop quiz: Do you know how much cash you have in all of your bank accounts, right now? How long would you take to determine how much you spent on groceries and how much you contributed to your IRA last year? Stumped? You might stand to learn how to organize your finances better. I know […]

Seven Precepts To Prosper By

Seven Precepts To Prosper By

Want some rules to live by when it comes to your finances? We’ve got it right here. Seven precepts that will get your finances on the right track.

Debt Reduction Takes Tough Love

For the first three years of my post-college life, I had this nagging, troubling pain in the pit of my stomach at the end of every month. Will I be able to pay rent this month? Can I pay my credit card bill? I came out of college with no personal finance experience and had […]

Four Simple but Costly Money Mistakes

Whether you’ve been on your own for a few days or a few years, try to avoid these common money mistakes young people make. Already made them? Don’t be hard on yourself; chances are you just didn’t know better (a big part of money smarts comes from learning from your mistakes).

The Anatomy of a Bad Decision

How many bad decisions are in this photo?

This morning I was in bed listening to chilly October rain pound my roof. Naturally, I wanted to stay in bed for another few minutes. And that’s when I realized it. Snoozing for five or ten minutes is usually a bad idea. Like, a terrible idea. It seems so innocuous at the time—five more minutes […]