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Personal Loans vs. Credit Cards

When life's big expenses crop up, it's always best to pay cash. But what if you can't? If you don't have emergency savings and suddenly face a car repair, tax bill, or some other major expense, you may have to borrow money to pay it. And most of the … [Read more...]

Q&A: I’m Financing A Car; Should I Make A Down Payment Or Pay Off Debt?

Occasionally I publish answers to selected readers’ money questions. I welcome your opinion in the comments. Send questions to Q: I am in the process of purchasing my first car. I make a little over $30,000 and have student lo … [Read more...]

Person-to-Person Personal Loans

In the past year, we have seen banks cut back credit lines, raise interest rates, and limit new loans to only people with immaculate---and I mean immaculate--credit histories. That means it's become difficult, if not impossible, for well-meaning … [Read more...]