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Personal Loans Vs Credit Cards: When To Use A Loan Instead Of Plastic

What's the difference between personal loans and credit cards -- when should you use each?

Often, a personal loan can be a more affordable way to finance a large purchase than a credit card. But there are always exceptions.

Q&A: I’m Financing A Car; Should I Make A Down Payment Or Pay Off Debt?

You can get a low APR car loan with little or money down (with good credit). Use savings to pay off credit cards or other debt, not as a down payment.

Person-to-Person Personal Loans

Lending Club Loan Application

In the past year, we have seen banks cut back credit lines, raise interest rates, and limit new loans to only people with immaculate—and I mean immaculate–credit histories. That means it’s become difficult, if not impossible, for well-meaning borrowers to consolidate debt or transfer their debt to a lower interest rate through a traditional bank. […]