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What Should You Do With A Year-end Bonus Check?

What should you do with your Christmas bonus check?

If you’re fortunate enough to receive a holiday bonus, consider the best way to use the money before it disappears.

How We Save: This Woman Said “Enough!” To Debt; Here’s What She Did

How We Save: Gabrielle Stokes, 28, is an electrical engineering grad waging war on her post-college debt.

Gabrielle Stokes is rocking this money thing, but that wasn’t always the case. She shares the revelations that led her to get smart about money and the specific financial tactics she’s using to grow her net worth and be debt free by next year.

How To Negotiate Anything (Even if You’re Shy Or Afraid)

How to negotiate anything.

What’s a fast way to more money in your pocket? Learn how to negotiate everything: your salary, the price of a car, or even a hotel room. Anything! Here’s how, and how anyone can (and should!) overcome shyness or anxiety about negotiating.

Funny Money: Arguing Over Money with Your Significant Other

piggy bank with hearts on it

You try your best. You soak in knowledge from personal finance blogs with catchy names. You live and die by a budget. You max out your Roth IRA contributions. And none of it matters. Because no matter how good you happen to think you are with money, your wife/husband/live-in lovah will be certain that you […]

Funny Money: How to Work Hard at Seeming to be a Hard Worker

George Costanza, grumpy at the office in a Seinfeld screenshot

We’ve all noticed slacker co-workers who always seem to get the breaks when it comes to raises and promotions. It’s easy to resent these folks, but what you should be doing is learning from them. Though books have been written on the subject, their arts aren’t widely known, and most anyone can use a brush-up on the matter. […]

HBO ‘Girls’ and Money Quiz: Are You a Hannah, Marnie, Shoshanna, or a Jessa?

Picture 2

The HBO show “Girls” has been called the “Sex and the City” of our generation. Years ago, fans of “Sex and the City” began asking themselves to which of the four female archetypal characters they most related. If you were a Carrie, for example, you always seemed to be picking the wrong guy. An eternal […]

How to Find a Financial Mentor (And Why You Need One!)


A few weeks ago, we met Allison Beacham, a young woman who helped us negotiate the world of renting. Like many Money Under 30 readers, Allison knows quite a bit about money for someone still in college. In her case, there’s a good reason why. Allison is the daughter of Susan Beacham (pictured), founder of […]

Funny Money: The 7 Rules of Ridiculously Cheap Gaming

A guy playing video games

There are more degrading and addictive forms of entertainment than video games. Like maybe My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, crack, and … huh, did I mention crack? It’s hard to come up with anything more addictive than gaming. Unfortunately, controlling flashing pixels with your thumbs is depressingly costly when you step back to evaluate […]

♥ & $: The Spending Diet: My Month of More Mindful Spending

Lisen Stromberg

December’s credit card bill came in the other day and it was all I could do not to gag. How did all my good intentions and careful planning go so horribly wrong? Yes, we had many unexpected medical expenses (don’t worry, everyone is ok). And yes, two school tuition bills came due. And yes, we […]

Some Reading for a New Year: How to Set Financial Goals and Stick to Them


Ready to set some goals for the new year? Studies show that written goals are much more likely to be achieved. There is also a service that will help you put a little cash on the line for some extra motivation!