Find and Rent The Best Apartments In Your City: How To Optimize Your Apartment Hunt

You might not expect to hear this from a Realtor---after all, I help people buy and sell homes for a living---but buying a home isn't right for everybody all the time. Many times, in fact, it's best to rent. If you don't want to settle down, if … [Read more...]

Lower Your Rent: How to Get More Bang for Your Rental Buck

If you’re just coming out of college or moving out on your own for the first time, you may be looking to rent an apartment rather than buy a home. And that's A-OK. Unless you have been investing in well-performing mutual funds since your fifth b … [Read more...]

Five Poor Reasons to Buy a Home

Buying your first home is a serious and exciting event. It takes patience, money and responsibility to be ready to buy a home, but buying the property is only half the battle. The transition between depending on a landlord and being your own landlord … [Read more...]

Renting is Not Wasted Money

All my friends who bought homes before their 30th birthday love to proclaim that they’re no longer “throwing money away” by paying rent. Although I too aspire to one day own my home, I’ve never felt like renting is wasting money. That’s because when I … [Read more...]

How to Save Money on Your Next Apartment

One of the ways I was able to pay off $80,000 of debt in just a few years was by cutting back on the biggest expenses in my life---including my rent. I didn't move back in with mom and dad, but I did swap living in a $1,000 a month apartment on my … [Read more...]