Credit Card Strategies: Building an ‘Army’ of Cashback Credit Cards

Do you have an "army" of cashback credit cards? Is this plastic in your wallet a force to be reckoned with? Does each of your credit cards serve a special role that, when combined, earn you a ton of rewards just for your ordinary shopping? These … [Read more...]

Radically Re-Thinking Credit Cards: Part Two

Yesterday, I recommended a new way to pare down your credit cards. I don't want you to cancel them all or use them like crazy to earn rewards. I just recommend keeping two credit cards---the card you've had the longest and the card with the highest … [Read more...]

Radically Re-Thinking Credit Cards: Part One

The majority of financial advice on credit cards falls into one of two categories: Credit cards are evil and you should cancel them and never, ever use them again. Credit cards are fantastically convenient when used responsibly and can actually … [Read more...]