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Frugal Can Be Fun: 10 Ways To Cut Costs Without Cutting Corners


Do you need to save money, but don’t want to drastically change your lifestyle? Being frugal doesn’t have to be painful … it can actually be fun if you do it right. Ditch cable, go to the thrift store, and clip coupons, and you won’t even notice a difference.

Cut Back on Spending: 10 Painless Money-saving Tips for the Upcoming Holidays


The holidays are coming up, so it’s a good time to tighten your belt. Here are 10 painless ways to cut your spending so you’ll have some scratch leftover to buy a few Christmas presents this holiday season.

How Investing Just $50 a Month can Kick-start Your Retirement


What effect could just $50 a month have on your life savings? More than you think. Here’s how to start or build upon your investing plan by making regular monthly investments (with as little as 50 bucks).

6 Tips for Building A Work Wardrobe On A Budget


Trading in your college sweatshirts for office-appropriate attire can be daunting, not to mention pricey. From my own experience, here are a few ways to build a simple work wardrobe on a budget.

Pump Up the Savings: 10 Ways to Spend Less on Gas


These days — and especially with the summer driving season in full swing — conspiracy theories abound as to what’s behind high gas prices. It’s hard to believe that as recently as late 2008, you could find gas at $2 a gallon. In Chicago, where I live, it’s nearly at the $5 a gallon mark. […]

Funny Money: Stuff You Should Never Buy Because You Can Get it For Free

birthday candles

People tend to say and repeat the quote “there’s no such thing as a free lunch” as if it’s something wise and profound. These are people who have never been to Denny’s on their birthday, where there is also a free breakfast and dinner. I’m not sure what world those anti-free lunchers live in, but […]

Funny Money: Spotting Wastes of Money Disguised as Good Deals

fish on a hook

Marketing wizards spend their days conjuring up hypnotic spells meant to part you with your money. These spells, which are cast via marketing pitches, trick you into thinking you’re getting something extra for your money by taking advantage of a special offer. Cheap sons of pitches like me, who are constantly seeking deals, are particularly […]

How Do You Balance Saving for Retirement With Other Goals?

Aim to allocate 50 percent of your savings to retirement.

It’s perhaps the biggest financial quandary facing every young saver: Personal finance advice –- including our own — implores you to save as much for retirement as possible. But the younger you are, the more likely you have other important goals ahead: Repaying student loans, buying a home, getting married, taking time for extended travel, […]

Q&A: Should I Invest Money I Need in Two Years?

David Weliver

Q: I just started my first full-time job (this Monday!) and found your blog doing a search trying to make sense of my 401(k) options. I have been so inspired reading all over your blog since then and learning more about investing and saving for retirement. I have a specific question about one of my […]

Healthy Meals On A Budget: Seven Tips For Eating Well On Less

Healthy meals don't have to cost a lot.

As we know more and more about the benefits of fresh, healthy meals, it’s  no wonder that everyone wants to eat healthier these days. And of course, we want to do it without breaking the bank. Big food chains make it easy to enjoy a double, extra-loaded and extra-unhealthy burger and fries for less than a five-spot. While some […]