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Do Daily Deal Sites Cost You More?

Do daily deal sites cost you more? Do you really need that helicopter ride?

Helicopter flight for two — 61% off! Eyelash extensions  — 50% off! Four-course dinner at a 5-star restaurant  — 56% off! Four-day trip to Cozumel, Mexico  — 43% off! Thanks to sites like Groupon, Living Social, and dozens of others, these “amazing deals” can be yours…if you buy today. Daily deal sites came in vogue in the midst […]

How To Save When You Were Born To Spend

Oversaving can be as much of a problem as overspending for some people

Some people are natural-born savers. Others, not so much. Were you born to spend? Saving money won’t come easily, but it’s not impossible. Here’s why.

When It’s Okay To Spend Money

Making intentional spending decisions now is just as important to your happiness as saving for tomorrow.

Usually, when readers email me, they ask for advice on how to save more and spend less. That’s why I found it interesting when I received an email from a reader who wanted help with the exact opposite problem. This reader (I’ll call him Cal) is an over-saver. For Cal, living frugally and saving money […]

5 Ways to Dramatically Lower Your Home Energy Costs All Year Long

Utility bills? Ugh. If you own a home or rent and pay your own utilities, you know it’s no fun shelling out money for these bills every month. Essential? Yes. Fun? Certainly not. Here are a few small adjustments you can make throughout your home that can save you a significant amount on your energy […]

For Football Season, Four Money-Saving Tips on Game Day

  You wake up to College Game Day with Kirk Herbstreit and Lee Corso on television every Saturday morning. The air is cool and crisp. Your weekends are planned around important games. Fall…and football season…is in full effect! And every true college football fan knows that no weekend is complete without a full day of […]

Night Out Alternatives: 8 Unique Ideas for Frugal Home Get-Togethers

We all want to save money, but not by skimping on fun times with good friends…especially as the last warm days of summer tick away. But lets’ face it: Going out for dinner and drinks is hardly budget-friendly. That’s why these days, staying in is the new going out. You don’t need a birthday or […]

Save Money On Your Next Computer: Five Rules to Shop By

Whether you’re a student, a teacher, or anybody else with the itch (or desperate need) for a new computer, it’s a good time of year to find deals. Follow these rules to save money on a new computer. 1. Don’t stretch—or go into debt—to buy the latest and the greatest. When I went to college, […]

New Grads: Four Money Facts Worth Knowing

Graduation season’s just around the corner, and soon-to-be grads nationwide are plotting the next big move. Many of you coming out of college may soon start earning your first steady, full-time paycheck (and it will hopefully be bigger than those $8-an-hour jobs you used to work over summer vacation). But with a new income come […]

Lower Your Rent: How to Get More Bang for Your Rental Buck

If you’re just coming out of college or moving out on your own for the first time, you may be looking to rent an apartment rather than buy a home. And that’s A-OK. Unless you have been investing in well-performing mutual funds since your fifth birthday, renting may, in fact, be a better financial option […]

The Real Cost of an iPhone

How much does the iPhone really cost?

I want an iPhone. The bug took a few years later to bite me than many others, but it did. I have played with countless iPhones and tested lots of cool apps. But oddly enough, it was actually the iPad that did it. I was playing with one yesterday and I was like “Okay, I […]