Saving Toolbox

Are You an Image Spender?

I am going to venture a guess that one of the leading reasons many of us twentysomethings wind up buried in debt is because we spend above our means not because we have to, but to look good, fit in, and feel richer than we are. Are you an … [Read more...]

Building Wealth by Owning Less

All my life I have lived among the American upper-middle class, but I never had the money to actually count myself in this group. But of course I tried. It was a classic case of keeping up with the Jones’, and unfortunately, the more I tried to keep u … [Read more...]

Pinching: Keep Your Change

We have all experienced the coin jar phenomenon: We toss change from our pockets into a jar at the end of the day and later count it, amazed to see how much has accumulated. A good way to use this loose change is to allocate it for something – a new t … [Read more...]