Special Tax Situations: Audits, Extensions, Payment Plans, and Quarterly Payments

Editor's Note: This is the last in our six-part No-Stress Guide to Filing Your Taxes. You can start at the beginning with Part 1: Your Tax Document Checklist. For most taxpayers, completing your tax return simply means mailing off your 1040 … [Read more...]

Need a Tax Break? Here’s a List

Everybody wants some tax breaks...or a few more. When it comes to taxes these breaks---credits, adjustments, and deductions---are always your friend. They’ll lower your bottom line, reducing the amount you owe or increasing your tax refund. So i … [Read more...]

Common Tax Schedules: The No-Stress Guide To Filing Your Taxes, Part 4

We're in the middle of the "No-Stress Guide to Filing Your Taxes". We've already covered: A tax document checklist: A guide to get you started Choosing the best method to file your return Tax software: When to use and how to choose Today, … [Read more...]

Tax Return Preparation Options: Calculator, Computer, or CPA?

As you gather necessary tax documents and prepare to start your tax return, it's time to decide how you are going to file. And these days, you have several choices. You can go old school and break out the pencil and paper. You can buy tax s … [Read more...]

My Three Best Tax Filing Tips

Before we dive in here, let me make a couple things clear: I'm not a tax expert. (I leave that for Amber!) I find doing taxes about as titillating as most people...somewhere between Latin verb conjugation and flossing. That said, I've … [Read more...]

Two More Years of Tax Cuts (Here’s What The Extension Means For You)

The recent Congressional debate on whether to extend Bush-era tax cuts was long and drawn out, but it looks like our government may have finally reached a compromise, conclusion, agreement---whatever you’d like to call it---for now, anyway. But h … [Read more...]

Self-Employed? Need to Deduct Big Ticket Items? Get Crackin’ with the Section 179 Deduction

If you're self-employed or a business owner and you haven’t heard of the Section 179 deduction, it’s time to get familiar with it, because the Small Business Jobs and Credits Act of 2010 has increased the thresholds on this valuable tax deduction for … [Read more...]

Side Income: Is It a Hobby or a Business?

Shannon works in sales where she makes decent money and lives in a nice house with her family. Shannon doesn’t dislike her job, but it’s not her passion. So every Friday, at the end of a draining 40-hour work week, Shannon hurries home to spend time o … [Read more...]

Understanding The Differences Among Tax Credits, Deductions, and Adjustments

Anytime somebody mentions a tax "write-off”, it sounds pretty good. It means the money you're spending now is money you don't have to pay in taxes...right? Not so fast. The term tax "write-off" is thrown around too much. And, unfortunately, i … [Read more...]

Gains & Losses: What Will Be Taxed and What Can I Claim?

As we get older, we generally acquire more and more assets. The assets usually start out small and become increasingly more valuable. Typically, as we become more independent and financially stable, we’ll buy our first car, start investing our money, … [Read more...]