Rotten Customer Service? The Smart Way to Handle Companies that Waste Your Time


Some interesting commentary appeared on The Huffington Post this past week, and I’m not one to read that online publication expecting anything original. (If Arianna Huffington has earned any journalistic reputation, it’s for borrowing copy from every source on the planet to build her “aggregation nation.”) But Arianna H. said something that I’m really taking […]

Beware Time Suck

Wasting Time: Clock in Trash Can

Every day, I have a plan to come home from work and get in two or three solid hours studying for my CPA exam. I always leave work with good intentions. I tell myself that I will head straight home, fire up my laptop, avoid any unnecessary internet surfing, and immediately open my CPA study […]

The Real Cost of an iPhone

How much does the iPhone really cost?

I want an iPhone. The bug took a few years later to bite me than many others, but it did. I have played with countless iPhones and tested lots of cool apps. But oddly enough, it was actually the iPad that did it. I was playing with one yesterday and I was like “Okay, I […]

Six Money-Saving Tips For When Life Gets Hectic

Life is busy. With full time jobs, school, family, friends, pets, kids, appointments, and errands, we barely have enough time to relax, let alone keep our finances in order. Sometimes a hectic life is what really wreaks havoc on our finances; we become so busy that we forget about frugality and budgeting and just want […]

Choose Where You Want to Live, Then Find a Job

Choose Where You Want to Live, Then Find a Job

If another city is calling you then take the leap! Where you live can have a big impact on your happiness and if your current city doesn’t fit your needs then leave. It’s a lot better to make the move while you are young. Once you have kids and a long time career the move gets harder. Just do it, you’ll figure out the details when you arrive.