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How to Start Travel Hacking: Fly for Little or Nothing (Even in First Class)


Four out of 5 people sitting in first class aren’t rich—they’re smart. Enter the world of travel hacking to score rewards flights and free first-class upgrades on most of your flights. It’s all possible. Here’s how to start.

“Tap Watergate” to $50 Carry-Ons, How Spirit Airlines Justifies Sky-High Fees


$50 for a carry-on bag? $3 for water? Spirit Airlines is infamous for charging outrageous fees for nearly everything. Can you still save money flying Spirit, or should you skip this airline altogether?

How to Save on Getting to and From the Airport


Sure, it’s great if you’re able to find ways to save on flights. But that’s only part of the battle. You’re also facing costs of getting to and from the airport and to your destination once you land. Here’s a guide to dealing with the the costs of ground transportation and how to save: Visit […]

Why You Should Travel While You’re Young At Any Cost

Why you should travel while you're young at (almost) any cost

Travel while you’re young at any cost. Go out there. See new things. Now is the time, even if you don’t have a ton of money. Let me tell you why…

Compare Airline Fees: What it Really Costs to Fly


Everyone loves finding cheap airfare. But as airlines struggle to stay profitable by moving to a la carte style pricing, the ticket price that looked so low on a booking site may turn out to be the starting point, not your final price. Before you book your next plane ticket, compare airline fees and take […]

Protect Your Money While Traveling Abroad


You want to protect your money while traveling — especially when you head overseas. There are steps you can take, such as being thoughtful of the type of environment where you will be staying and avoiding having large amounts of cash. Staying safe while traveling should be at the top of your plans.

Rotten Customer Service? The Smart Way to Handle Companies that Waste Your Time


Some interesting commentary appeared on The Huffington Post this past week, and I’m not one to read that online publication expecting anything original. (If Arianna Huffington has earned any journalistic reputation, it’s for borrowing copy from every source on the planet to build her “aggregation nation.”) But Arianna H. said something that I’m really taking […]

How To Use A Mobile Phone Abroad (Without Getting A Crazy Bill)


Planning on traveling abroad? Don’t forget about your cell phone usage. International cell phone usage can be very expensive if you don’t plan correctly. That is, if your phone even works at all. Here are some tips for making sure that you have an affordable working phone.

International Travel Checklist: What to Pack for Your Trip Abroad


It’s hard to know what to bring for an international trip. Being safe and comfortable is more important than being stylish. Be sure to have important documents and emergency contact info. Also make sure you bring a power converter so you can charge your gadgets. Comfortable shoes and weather appropriate clothes are also a must.

Using a Credit Card Overseas: 15 Things to Know

Using your credit card overseas takes some careful planning before you travel.

While using a credit card while traveling is often smart, there are still things to be aware of. Tourists are often a target for thieves so be sure to carry your wallet in a way that will deter theft. Also, be aware of any changes in laws, such as a fee to use a credit card at the check out. Carrying some back up cash is also smart, just in case.