11 Ideas for How To Save on Flights


I’ve always heard conflicting advice on paying  for a flight. Some swear you need to book as early as possible to get the best price, while others say last-minute deals are the best bargain. Even though this remains unpredictable, there are still great ways you can save on airfare. When you are booking your next […]

How to Find a Great Last-Minute Hotel Deal


When you’re on the road, last minute doesn’t have to mean full price. It’s a common misconception that you’re going to end up overpaying if you don’t have the chance to book your hotel room in advance. You can actually save money by booking last minute. Here’s how: Check out Hotelcoupons.com. A booklet available in […]

Q&A: I Want To Travel Before Starting A Career, But What About My Student Loans?


Should you travel before getting a “real job” and paying off your student loans? It’s a tough question but it might make sense depending on the person and situation. Make sure you have a financial plan you can live with before starting your adventure.

Can’t Afford that Trip? Think Again: Experts Reveal 10 Tips for Thrifty Travel

Glacier Natl Park

“Travel hacking” is a way of traveling that allows for maximum travel on a minimum budget. Travel blogger Nomadic Matt and travel columnist David Groff step up today to help us hack our travel. Using services that track your rental car price or how to get the most benefit from your credit card airline miles are just a few of the tips that are revealed to us from these two travel writers.

Best Miles Rewards Credit Cards

The best air miles rewards credit cards avoid blackout dates and provide other perks like preferred boarding or free checked bags.

Compare the best miles rewards credit cards to get the most free travel rewards for your spending. See the latest sign-up bonuses and redemption policies.

Last-Minute Travel: 5 Tips to Finding Deals and Saving Money

Last-Minute Travel 5 Tips to Finding Deals and Saving Money

When you can’t plan ahead you often get a raw deal on travelling, but it doesn’t have to be that way. There are still tricks you can use to snag a deal, even at the last minute. Using packaged deals, such as hotel and flight together, or taking advantage of funeral benefits (if they apply) are just a few of the things that can help you avoid paying full price.

Avoid Tourist Traps (Your Wallet Will Thank You)

You can hear the sound of ocean waves crashing in next to you, the sun is kissing your cheeks, a salty breeze is cooling your skin, and a polite waiter is slipping an icy drink into your hand while softly saying, “that’ll be sixteen dollars, miss…” Wait, what?! Yep, this is exactly where our long-awaited […]

Using Credit Cards and Debit Cards Overseas

When I moved to the UK and opened a bank account, I had no idea that anything but a Visa or Mastercard logo could be on a debit card (in other parts of the world, there are other kinds of debit cards). I should have looked into this before hand, but it honestly didn’t cross […]

How to Open an International Bank Account

My first job outside the United States was in London. I worked for a travel company in Maine with international locations, so when an opportunity came up for me to hop the pond, I grabbed it. After making the move, the most important detail I had to deal with wasn’t where to live or how […]