The Cardinal Sin of Personal Finance

This is a guest post from Kevin, who blogs at Personal finance is pretty common-sense stuff if you think about it. Yet, the majority of the public fails to implement this common sense into their daily lives. For instance, I believe the cardinal sin of personal finance is borrowing money to pay for a […]

The Principle That Can Make You Rich or Keep You Broke

Speeding Through Tunnel

Imagine you’re in the final stretch of a grueling race, vying for first with a small pack of determined opponents. As adrenaline and your desire to win pushes you forward, one by one, you pass your competitors. Finally, with the finish line in sight, you’re in the lead. Of course, you won’t relax and give […]

Seven Precepts To Prosper By

Seven Precepts To Prosper By

Want some rules to live by when it comes to your finances? We’ve got it right here. Seven precepts that will get your finances on the right track.

Busting the Millionaire Myth

We non-millionaires (last I checked, we’re still in the majority), may or may not find the prospect of such wealth alluring. Those of us swayed by the sirens’ song of riches may work hard to increase our income, invest wisely, and set a course to get rich slowly; others may fall for get-rich-quick schemes or […]