Five Wedding Extras You Can Skip

Some say your twenties are the best years of your life. They are years to be carefree and have fun. They are years to grow as an adult, and to find your place in the world. They are also the years of: Weddings Weddings And more weddings! You will spend many weekends every year attending […]

The Top 10 Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding

At $27,000, the cost of the average wedding is as much as a down payment on a home. Unless you’re lucky enough to have parents picking up the tab, chances are you will be trying to cut corners somewhere! Everyone wants to have a special and memorable wedding, and it is possible without forking over […]

How To Buy Wedding Rings Online

How To Buy Wedding Rings Online

Knowing how to buy wedding rings online can save you a lot of money. Here are our tips of where to shop and what to look for when making this important purchase.

How Much Does an (Average) Wedding Cost?

How Much Does an (Average) Wedding Cost-

The average wedding costs $30,000. That’s incredible but understandable when you start adding up all the “standard” wedding costs. After paying for a venue, rings, a wedding dress, food and alcohol, and all the other things that make up a wedding, it’s pretty hard to stay frugal.

Is it Okay to Get Married With Debt?

I turned 27 this year, and my mailman started delivering more wedding invitations than bills. It sounds lovely, except that those damned lacy invites end up costing more than the bills! My opinions of showers and gift registries aside, all this nuptial nonsense got me thinking: Is it safe to get married when one partner, […]