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Weekly Roundup for Oct 3, 2008

Well guys, I was pretty unimpressed with the debate last night. I’m glad neither candidate was totally embarrassing to watch, but I simply turned off the TV feeling, well, uninspired. I was inspired, however, by some great blog posts this week. Check ‘em out:

Work out for Cheap with Alumni Gym Memberships. Lauren at LifeStyler has a great point about utilizing your Alma Mater’s gym (if you live nearby) and saving a bundle on gym memberships. A lot of finance bloggers lambaste gyms as something you can easily cut out—but we need to watch our waists as well as our wallets!

5 Tips for Job Fair Success. Eric at Twenties Money Mag offers some simple but highly valuable tips for making the most out of job fairs, which I find are often only as good as you make them.

Have MBAs Been Devalued by the Crisis?. Steve at Brip Blap asks a great question. I’ve always considered getting an MBA, but would it be worth it?

How to Sell Your Gold Jewelry. You’ve probably seen all the ads screaming about high gold prices. If you’re considering swapping some gold for cash, read this useful post from Jim at Consumerism Commentary.

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