Would You Buy a New Car to Get Better Gas Mileage?

Even as the price of gas keeps dropping, fuel economy is still on a lot of people’s minds, and it’s certainly a selling point for auto manufacturers. Is it something you’re thinking about?

I’ve actually noticed over many years of driving cars that are a least a couple of years old, that you don’t need the latest brand new compact car to get good gas mileage.

A few things that can help any use car reduce fuel consumption:

  • New tires (and proper inflation)
  • A clean air filter
  • New spark plugs
  • Smooth driving

Then again, if you’re driving an old Explorer, buying a new Corolla will help with the monthly gas tab. Have you bought a new car—or are you considering buying one—to get better MPGs?

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  1. I went in the opposite direction, 25mpg –> 10-12mpg. In defense of my decision, I usually use public transportation to get to work, the car is a toy.

  2. @ Alex – “and it ended up that filling up the new car was about the same as filling up the truck with the lower prices.”

    But did the tank last longer? Or were you still filling up as often?

  3. I bought a new car in 2002 specifically for better gas mileage, but it was because I was driving a 1991 Isuzu pick up truck that got around 13 MPH. I ended up getting a Honda Civic at the same time that gas prices sky-rocketed…and it ended up that filling up the new car was about the same as filling up the truck with the lower prices.

  4. Yes, we are in the process of looking for a new (used) car. We aren’t trying to replace the one we have. We just need a second vehicle since my husband takes the only one we have to work everyday, and I’m at home with two kids. I like the feeling of security when I have a vehicle here.

    In our search, we are looking for something with decent gas mileage. Someone was trying to sell us an Explorer actually. But we declined because I wasn’t satisfied with what I read online about the gas mileage for those vehicles. We are still looking for something, but are being selective about it on so many levels.

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