Did you know you can win money by losing weight, working out, or meeting other goals? Here are apps that pay you to workout, eat your vegetables, and more.

3 Ways To Get Paid To Meet Your Goals

How are you doing on your health and fitness goals for the year? Have you stuck to your commitment to exercise five times a week? Have you kicked the soda habit for good?

No worries if you haven’t, that just means you’re normal. An article from Psychology Today says that by February, most people are already backsliding on their New Year’s resolutions. We’re well into the new year now, so if you’re not doing so hot when it comes to your health goals, now’s the time to shake things up with a new approach.

Whether it’s debt taking a toll on your finances or a sedentary lifestyle adding pounds to your waistline, the sooner you’re able to replace bad habits with good ones, the sooner you’ll feel and look your best. Better health has financial benefits as well: reduced health care costs, lower life insurance premiums and the energy to start up that side hustle to boost your income.

Wouldn’t it be nice to get paid to stick to your diet and exercise goals. Well, you can! You can earn money, in varying amounts, for meeting your own goals and competing with yourself to be a better version of you. All of the platforms you’re going to read about use money to motivate you to stick with habits that help you lose weight or become healthier. Since you only compete against yourself, everyone can be a winner.

Here are three of the hottest apps that pay you to workout, lose weight, or eat more veggies. Of course, these apps will charge you money if you don’t stick to your goals, but that might be an even better motivtation!

Diet Bet

Diet Bet offers two types of challenges: the Kickstarter, a four-week challenge in which you aim to lose 4 percent of your body weight and the Transformer, a six-month one during which your goal is to lose 10 percent.

If you make your goal, you get back your money plus the money from the non-winners gets divided between all the winners. A typical Kickstarter bet is $25-30 and winners get their money back plus, on average, an extra $5 or more.

You can participate in up to three Kickstarter and three Transformer games at a time, making it possible to “double dip” and then some! There’s also a no-lose policy which means that if you meet your goal, you win back at least the amount of money you put in the pot. If an unusually high number of contestants meet their goals, Diet Bet forfeits their percentage so that none of the winners lose money.

To join you simply fill out the online form with basic questions and pay your bet via a credit card or Paypal. Then you’re instructed to upload two photos, a full-body picture on the scale and an up-close one of your weight. Cheating is circumvented by requiring a word to be written out and placed on the floor in both pictures. Each time you weigh in, the word changes. When cheating is suspected, video weigh-ins are required.

Participants can interact with each other via a Facebook-esqe platform or app to get advice, support or share their successes.

Anyone can host a game though a lot of the larger games are hosted by fitness bloggers and celebrities such as Jillian Michaels, and former Biggest Loser winners.

Healthy Wage

There are three ways for dieters to get rewarded with Healthy Wage: You can sign up by yourself and make a HealthyWager or join the Team Challenge by creating a five member team of family, friends or colleagues who want to participate. Finally, there is a workplace game that can be set up through your employer, promoting wellness among colleagues.

With a HealthyWager, you fill out your profile and submit a 30-second weigh in video. You decide how much you want to wager, how much weight you’ll lose and how long it will take and your possible winnings are calculated. It seems that the longer it will take you to achieve, and maintain, the weight loss, the more you can win.

An intuitive platform helps you track your progress and shares tools for helping you meet your goals. At the end of your time frame, you create another video to verify your weight and if you’ve met your goal, you’re rewarded with cash!

In a Team Challenge the top three prizes are $10,000, $5,000 and $3,000 which get split among the teams with the greatest percentage of body weight lost during the 12-week challenge. This is a three-month challenge and every member contributes $25 a month, which means at most you put in $75. While only three teams win a big cash payment, smaller prizes are awarded as well.

Gym Pact

With Gym Pact, also known as Pact, you can set weekly pacts with yourself to do things like eat 15 servings of vegetables a week, go on five runs or keep a food diary. Each pact has a minimum amount of $5, but you can set it higher. Let’s say your goal is to run five days a week, at $5 a run. If you miss a day, you’re charged $5; miss two and it’s $10. Winnings are considerably lower than the amount which you pay in with each completed workout averaging around 50-cents in winnings.

To verify that you’re keeping your pacts, you use can use apps like MyFitnessPal and RunKeeper to record meals and workouts, and you can log in at the gym. For the produce pact, you upload photos of your foods to the app and other users verify that you’re eating a real fruit snack rather than sugar-laden fruit snacks. On Sundays your pacts are tallied and your credit card is charged for any missed pacts.

None of these will make you rich, but if you use one or all of them together and meet your goals, you’ll save up enough to treat yourself to a new outfit, running shoes or your favorite splurge item.

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