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Best real estate websites

With so many realty sites listing the same homes and rental properties for sale, it can be difficult for house hunters to know where to look. Zillow is our no. 1 pick overall, while Trulia offers a great mobile experience and Redfin is tops for for connecting with agents.

How to find the best real estate agent

Having the right real estate agent that knows the market you’re probing is a necessity. Thankfully, you can get paired up pretty quickly with the right agent by following a few simple steps: ask for referrals (the right way), find a few more options online, and “interview” your candidates. The best option will be clear to you.

Best personal finance books

After spending nearly 20 years reporting on money for young adults, there are 10 of the best personal finance books to ready early in life.

American Express Cards DO Have Spending Limits

If you carry a classic American Express Green, Gold, or Platinum card, or any other credit card that has no pre-set spending limit, you probably know this doesn’t mean your card has no limit at all. So how is your spending limit calculated, and what happens if you hit it? I found out last month.

Term vs whole life insurance

Term life insurance guarantees a payout if the policyholder dies within a set term, typically 10-30 years. Whole life insurance guarantees a payout no matter when the policyholder dies, and its premiums are therefore more expensive. Term is the best choice for most people, while whole is the right fit in relatively rare circumstances.