Are you attempting to follow the Keto diet? Find out more about the best keto meal delivery services that can fit in your budget.

Sticking to a diet of any kind can be difficult. For me, it tends to fall apart when I head to the grocery and see the cookie aisle. Luckily, a meal delivery service can eliminate that temptation. 

With a keto diet, the temptation to give into carbs at the grocery store can be removed with the help of a meal delivery service. Today, I share a few of my favorite meal delivery services that offer keto options. 

Overview of the best keto meal delivery options

Here is a great overview table to help you get a sense of the meal delivery options available to those following keto.

CompanyBest forPrice per Meal
Home ChefDown to earth keto options$6.99
FreshlyFitBusy people$8.49 to $11.49
SunbasketOrganic options$9.99
HelloFreshNew chefs$7.49 to $10.99
Green ChefGreen packaging$9.99 to $12.99
Factor 75No cooking required$11.50 to $15.00 per meal

Home Chef

Best Keto Meal Delivery - Home ChefHome Chef offers down to earth food options that might fit in with your keto diet. 

Although Home Chef does not explicitly offer a keto option, many of their meals are keto-friendly. With carb-conscious options, you will find that many of the meals offered by Home Chef will work well with your keto plans. Plus, Home Chef has several other meal types that will work with any food allergies that you have. 

The service offers a wide range of meal options each week. To be honest, picking out the meals seems like the most difficult part because everything looks amazing. 


At $6.99, Home Chef offers a very affordable meal delivery service with quality ingredients. Although you will have to factor in a $10 shipping cost for orders under $49, the overall cost of this service is significantly less than most others on this list. 


At a minimum, you’ll need to order at least two meals per week. But you’ll have the option to skip a delivery or pause your account entirely at any time. 

Try a Home Chef subscription or read our full Home Chef Review


Best Keto Meal Delivery Services - FreshlyFitFreshlyFit, Freshly’s carb-conscious menu, makes sticking to your keto diet easier than ever. Not only do they offer keto (and paleo) inspired meals, but they come pre-made, and ready to pop in the microwave! So, even on your busiest nights, you don’t have to worry about breaking out of ketosis because you don’t have time to cook. In fact, with FreshlyFit, you can have dinner on the table in three minutes.

Because all of FreshlyFit’s meals are crafted by nutritionists, you can rest assured that your body is getting all of the important nutrients that it needs to function properly. You won’t even have to sacrifice on variety. FreshlyFit offers 21+ different paleo and keto inspired meals every week, which can also be combined with Freshly’s original offerings, to ensure that your whole family is satisfied with their meals. 


When it comes to pricing, FreshlyFit is in line with most other meal delivery services. You can expect to pay between $8.49 and $11.49 per meal, depending on the number of meals that you order per week. As far as shipping costs are concerned, users can expect to find out final shipping costs at checkout. FreshlyFit calculates final shipping costs based on the meal plan ordered, as well as the location that the food is shipped to.


FreshlyFit is available across the lower 48, meaning all states, besides Alaska and Hawaii. The good news is, they are actively trying to make their meals available to people in zip codes that they don’t currently serve. So, if this includes you, keep checking back to see if they have become available in your area.

FreshlyFit delivers seven days a week, but the exact day of the week that your order ships will depend on the availability of their shipping partners. 

So, if you are in search of a way to fit eating keto into your busy lifestyle, give FreshlyFit a chance!

Try a FreshlyFit subscription or read our full Freshly Review


Best Keto Meal Delivery Services - SunbasketSunbasket is another food delivery service that specializes in healthy living and organic options. 

One of those healthy options is their Carb-Conscious meal plan. Although many of these recipes fall within the keto diet guidelines, some will not. As you pick out your meals each week, make sure to take a close look at the ingredients to ensure that you are sticking to your diet. 

With Sunbasket, you’ll have the choice between a classic menu and a family-style menu. With the family-style, the recipes are kid-friendly and easy to make. 

The key feature of Sunbasket is the organic ingredients that it provides. Additionally, it offers recyclable packaging to make your delivery easier on the environment. 

A final feature that was recently introduced by Sunbasket is oven-ready meals. You won’t have to do more than heat up your meal in the oven to enjoy a healthy meal packed with fresh organic produce. 


Each meal offered by Sunbasket is $9.99. On top of that, you’ll need to consider the shipping charge of $9.99 per box. 


You can order as few as two recipes per week with two servings each or four recipes with four servings each. You’ll have the flexibility to make changes to your weekly box as needed. Plus, you can skip a week anytime. 

Try a Sunbasket subscription or read our full Sunbasket review


Best Keto Meal Delivery - Hello FreshIf you are learning how to cook, HelloFresh is a great option. 

All of the recipes are very easy to follow but turn into amazing meals. Of course, there are some more advanced recipes to beef up your cooking skills but the recipes are ranked by difficulty level so that you don’t overwhelm yourself. 

As you order your HelloFresh meals, you’ll have the option to pick out what looks enticing. You’ll be able to easily discern which recipes are keto-friendly with the low carb options pointed out as well. 

HelloFresh offers a great way for you to improve your cooking skills while sticking to a keto diet. 


The meal prices for HelloFresh range from $7.49 to $10.99. Plus, you have to pay $6.99 per box for shipping. The average price of your meal will be more affordable than Green Chef, but you won’t receive only organic ingredients for your meals. The tradeoff is a personal choice. 

In order to help make the first box more affordable, HelloFresh offers a $90 discount on your first four boxes plus free delivery on your first order. That can make your first couple of weeks worth of food more affordable. 


You can order HelloFresh for up to four people for each recipe and four recipes per week. You’ll have the option to skip weeks or change the number of servings at any time. 

If you live anywhere in the continental US, HelloFresh will be able to deliver to you. If you live in Alaska or Hawaii, then you are unable to order from HelloFresh for now. 

Try a HelloFresh subscription or read our full HelloFresh Review

Green Chef

Best Keto Meal Delivery - Green ChefIf you are attempting to stick to a keto diet, Green Chef is a great option! 

The meals provided by Green Chef encompass a wide range of flavorful experiences. Each week you’ll be able to pick from a new selection of meals that are inspired by cultures all around the world. You’ll never get bored of the food this company sends your way. In fact, I love using Green Chef for this exact reason! The process to pick out new meals is enjoyable and ordering is extremely easy. 

In addition to providing robust keto options, Green Chef prides itself on green packaging. All of the materials in the box are recyclable. The company strives to keep the best interests of the environment at heart. 


The pricing for Green Chef is on par with other meal delivery services with meals ranging from $9.99 to $12.99 per serving. On top of that, you’ll have to pay $7.99 per box for all shipping and handling. 

Although it is more expensive than grocery shopping, these prices are on par with all of the meal delivery services on this list. 

Green Chef Promotion: $5.99 per meal on your First Box + First Box ships free!


Green Chef delivers to almost everywhere in the continental United States. But the company does not currently deliver to Alaska, Hawaii, or parts of Louisiana. 

You’ll have the option to deliver meals every week, every two weeks, or every four weeks. Plus, you can change your preference each week. 

Overall, Green Chef is a great option for those with an adventurous appetite on a keto diet.

Try a Green Chef subscription

Factor 75

Best Keto Meal Delivery Services - Factor 75

Factor 75 is a meal delivery service that caters specifically to customers on the keto or paleo diet. The focus is to help you stay on track with your diet without any cooking involved. 

That’s right! Unlike most of the other meal delivery services listed, you will not need to cook the meals from scratch. Instead, you’ll find that you can reheat premade meals in either the oven or the microwave. 

Each week you’ll be able to pick out your meals from a changing menu. The meals are prepared by chefs with quality ingredients and shipped to your door. If you are extremely busy or just don’t like cooking at all, then Factor 75 provides a way for you to stay on track without putting in too much effort on meal planning. 


Factor 75 has meals that range in price from $11.50 to $15.00. The more meals that you include in your order, the more affordable each meal will be. Delivery is free with Factor 75, so the overall cost will be similar to most services on this list. 


You can choose to order between 4 and 12 meals per week. Since the meals are individually packaged, you can order multiples of the same meal or mix it up with Factor 75’s menu options. You can skip up to 4 weeks at a time if you need to change your plans. 

If Factor 75 seems like a good way to supply your keto needs, then I would try the started box with four meals to see if you like it. Once you decide if you enjoy the quality of the food, then you may want to ramp up your deliveries.  

Try a Factor 75 subscription

What is a keto (ketogenic) diet?

The basic premise of a keto diet is that you focus on consuming food that is low carb but high fat. When you reduce your intake of carbs, your body will go into a metabolic state called ketosis, hence the name “keto” diet. 

While in ketosis, your body will become more efficient at burning fat for energy. With that, the idea is that your body will take fuel from any fat reserves instead of the more easily accessible carbohydrates. 

Many people have used the keto diet to successfully lose weight, among other health benefits such as lowering risk factors for heart disease, acne, cancer, and more. Yes, all of those benefits sound amazing. However, you should definitely talk to a doctor before giving the keto diet a try. The effects on your body can be intense, so make sure that you are serious about this choice before you get started. 

Summary table

Here is a comprehensive summary table to help you compare your options quickly. 

 Home ChefFreshlyFitSunbasketHelloFreshGreen ChefFactor 75
Price per meal$6.99$8.49 to $11.49$9.99$7.49 to $10.99$9.99 to $12.99$11.50 to $15.00 per meal
Minimum orderTwo meals for two peopleFour meals per weekTwo meals for two peopleTwo meals for two peopleTwo meals for two peopleFour meals
Delivery costVaries- typically $10 per box. But free shipping if you spend more than $49. Varies - determined at check-out$9.99$6.99 per weekly box$7.99 per weekly boxFree delivery
AvailabilityWeekly food deliveriesWeekly food deliveriesWeekly food deliveriesWeekly food deliveriesWeekly food deliveriesWeekly food deliveries

How I came up with this list

I came up with this list by testing several of the products myself and relying on the experiences of other Money Under 30 writers for meal delivery services that I have not personally used. I created this list by looking for meal delivery services that offer keto-specific options or meal options that are keto-friendly. 

I factored in the quality of ingredients, the ease of cooking, and price to determine that these are in fact the best keto meal delivery options. 


Although the keto diet is a good option for some people, it is a very intense dieting regime. If you are interested in the keto diet, then consult a medical professional to determine if it is the right diet for your body.
The premise of the keto diet is to put your body into a state of ketosis by limiting your carb intake and increasing your fat intake. With that, you’ll mostly keep carbs out of your diet by eliminating things such as bread, pasta, tomato sauce, and more. You will be allowed to eat plenty of meat and some vegetables.


Overall, the keto diet is a great option for some people. However, it can be difficult to stick to a keto diet if you are forced to walk past your favorite aisles at the grocery store. After all, cookies can kill any diet easily. 

The beauty of a meal delivery service is that you eliminate the temptation to stray from your intentional keto diet. You can focus on enjoying the delivered meals and sticking to your planned diet with ease. 

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