There are dozens of stock trading apps for Android devices, but not all are created equal. These six stock trading apps top this list for their Android compatibility, impressive features, and affordable price tags.

Did you know you can trade stocks right from your Android device? 

Stock trading apps for Androids allow traders to manage their stock accounts, make basic and advanced trades, and stay informed about the stock market. These apps are typically free to download and utilize user-friendly interfaces that allow beginners and pros to jump right in and start trading. 

With so many Android stock trading apps on the Google Play store, you may have trouble determining which one is right for your needs. I’ve reviewed the top Android stock trading apps on the market to help you narrow down your options. 

Overview of the best stock trading apps for Androids

Stock trading appBest for
PublicBeginner investors
RobinhoodMillennial investors
Power E*TRADEFrequent traders
TD Ameritrade thinkorswimTraders looking to learn
WebullHands-on investors
Charles SchwabTraders on a budget


  • 6 Best Stock Trading Apps For Android Users - PublicApp price: Free.
  • Account minimum: $0.
  • Account fees: None.

If you’re ready to dive into the stock market for the first time, Public is the perfect app to help you get started. Public is a free mobile app that is compatible with Android devices. 

This app allows you to choose from and trade more than 5,000 different stocks divided into clean, easy-to-navigate categories. The trading process is quick and straightforward: just open a free Public account, deposit your money, then choose the stock you would like to trade. You can begin trading in real-time during the market’s regular hours. 

Public features a user-friendly, simple interface that makes it easy for beginners to track their portfolios. Even better, many of its processes are automated. For example, the company automatically deposits dividends into your account, and you can request to re-invest these dividends by default if you would like. 

Many stock trading apps charge commission and transfer fees that dissuade users from withdrawing funds from their accounts. Public is one of the best commission-free stock trading apps for Android—you can withdraw funds from your account at any time for free. You can also transfer money from another brokerage at no additional cost.  

Another perk for beginners is that Public features a community forum similar to a social media channel. Users can post questions and discussion points about the trading process, allowing new investors to gain insight into some tips and tricks the pros use. 

Beginners often hesitate to invest funds until they feel more confident in the stock trading process. However, Public’s zero-commission policy, clean interface, community forum, and automated investing features allow new traders to invest and trade with confidence.

Learn more about Public or read our full Public review.


  • 6 Best Stock Trading Apps For Android Users - RobinhoodApp price: Free.
  • Account minimum: $1.
  • Account trading fees: None.

Apps like Robinhood have changed the ways the younger generation views investing. While stocks used to have a mysterious, complex quality to them, today, anyone can begin investing with easy-to-use apps like Robinhood. 

Robinhood is a commission-free stock trading app for Android users. The app uses a simple, streamlined trading process: just answer a few questions to create your account, connect your bank, then begin trading. As a bonus, every user receives a free stock upon creating an account. 

Robinhood’s target customer base is Millennials and younger investors looking for a fast, low-cost way to get involved in the stock market. As of the past few months, Robinhood has even begun hiring registered stock market representatives to help younger traders make informed decisions about their trades and investments. 

If you’re a Millennial, you will also appreciate Robinhood’s affordable prices, fractional shares, and zero commission fees. If you don’t have much money to trade, you can still take advantage of the company’s low-cost stock options and small cryptocurrency trades. 

While Robinhood is free to download, users who would like to trade on margin or view more in-depth market data will need to pay $5 per month for Robinhood Gold. 

Overall, Robinhood is an excellent choice for casual Millennial investors who want to trade low-value stocks. 

Learn more about Robinhood or read our full review.

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  • App price: Free.
  • Account minimum: $0.
  • Account fees: No commission fees for ETFs or equity.

E*TRADE is one of the most popular investment companies in the world. The company has been allowing users to trade stocks online since 1983, and since then, E*TRADE has continued to up its game on both browser-based and mobile platforms. 

E*TRADE offers two mobile apps for Androids: the standard E*TRADE app and the Power E*TRADE app. While the traditional app is an excellent place for beginners to test the waters, the company’s Power app offers advanced tools and features for seasoned traders. 

Because E*TRADE has been in the online investment market for so long, it knows how to make user-friendly, clean, resourceful mobile apps. Both of the company’s apps utilize a consistent, easy-to-navigate interface that allows you to easily transition from the standard app to Power when you’re ready. 

One unique perk of these apps is the E*TRADE trading simulator. This tool allows you to conduct fake trades to see how they would perform without risking any real money. The company reports that users make over 500,000 fake trades each year.

E*TRADE also offers a Prebuilt ETF Portfolio option for frequent traders with a decent chunk of money to invest. This feature allows you to choose between conservative, moderate, and aggressive strategies and utilize an automated portfolio that meets predetermined criteria. 

E*TRADE is a powerhouse in the mobile investment sector. If you are a frequent investor, you will appreciate its advanced trading tools and capabilities. 

Learn more about E*TRADE or read our full E*TRADE review.

TD Ameritrade thinkorswim

  • 6 Best Stock Trading Apps For Android Users - TD AmeritradeApp price: Free.
  • Account minimum: $0.
  • Account fees: Choose from 300+ commission-free ETFs.

TD Ameritrade has two mobile apps for Android: its traditional trading app, which anyone can utilize, and the thinkorswim app, explicitly for users with a TD Ameritrade account. 

Thinkorswim allows you to trade stocks on all major markets, including the NYSE and NASDAQ. You can also buy and sell ETFs and invest in mutual funds on the thinkorswim platform. You can trade these products 24 hours a day, five days per week, and view analytic tools at any time to stay up to date about market trends.  

Unlike some mobile trading companies, TD Ameritrade has hundreds of branch offices across the United States, giving the company a more tangible presence for customers. Thinkorswim also features a wealth of educational tools and resources to help you learn more about the stock market and make informed trading decisions. 

Like many other trading apps, thinkorswim does not charge a commission on most ETFs and mutual funds. The app offers a broader range of products than most other apps of its kind, allowing you to learn more about the stock market’s widespread nature. 

While the thinkorswim app is free to download, many users choose to upgrade to the Gold Standard version to access more advanced trading tools and resources. Unlike other trading apps, you won’t have to switch to a different platform if you want to start using these features—you can upgrade through the app at any time. 

If you are a new or casual trader looking to learn more about the stock market, TD Ameritrade’s thinkorswim app is an excellent resource to consider. 

Learn more about TD Ameritrade or read our full TD Ameritrade review.


  • 6 Best Stock Trading Apps For Android Users - WebullApp price: Free.
  • Account minimum: $0.
  • Account fees: Commission-free.

Webull delivers a high-quality, easy-to-use, affordable stock trading app. Webull is an Android mobile app that allows casual investors to trade stocks, ETFs, options, and cryptocurrency. While some people compare its interface to modern beginner apps like Robinhood, Webull features more advanced charts, screeners, indicators, and customization options suitable for hands-on, serious investors. 

The Webull app is user-friendly and clean, with minimalistic graphs to help you make informed trading decisions. New users can learn to navigate the app quickly, and those who switch between the app and desktop platform will appreciate the company’s consistency across both interfaces. 

This app allows you to see stock prices in real-time, manage your portfolio, and view stock-related news from Reuters, CNBC, and Bloomberg. The app has no minimums or extraneous fees, and most users will be able to trade stocks for free. However, more advanced trading options like short selling and margin borrowing will incur fees. 

Another advantage of Webull is its community-driven trading approach. Like Public, Webull offers a community feature similar to a social media platform, allowing you to ask questions and receive feedback about your trade activities. 

While Webull’s interface is minimal and clean, new traders may find the platform too complex for their limited knowledge. The app doesn’t include many educational resources, so beginners may want to start with a different trading app. 

Learn more about Webull or read our full Webull review.

Charles Schwab

  • 6 Best Stock Trading Apps For Android Users - Charles SchwabApp price: Free.
  • Account minimum: $0.
  • Account fees: Commission-free stocks, ETFs, and options.

You don’t have to be rich to trade stocks, and the Charles Schwab trading app brings this philosophy to life. With no annual fees or inactivity charges, Schwab Mobile is one of the most affordable stock trading apps for Android devices. 

Schwab Mobile offers over 4,000 funds with a minimum requirement of $100 or less, giving investors on a budget access to a wide variety of low-cost stocks and ETFs. The app also has relatively low expense ratios, offering over 500 funds with expense ratios at or below 0.50%.

You can also save money through Schwab by purchasing fractional shares (small portions of a stock). For example, you can buy a 10% fraction of a $100 share for only $10. However, you should keep in mind that Schwab’s fractional shares are only available for S&P 500 companies—not all stocks. 

Even though Schwab has affordable prices, the app doesn’t skimp on resources and tools. You can view research from 14 providers, such as Morningstar, Thomson Reuters, and Recognia, and utilize advanced trading tools. 

The Schwab Mobile Android app allows you to manage your stock account, monitor your trade status, and place trades. You can even opt to receive notifications about the stocks you follow and essential market news. 

Learn more about Charles Schwab.

Summary of the best stock trading apps for Androids

Stock trading appAccount minimumFeesUnique features
Public$0NoneClean interface, helpful community forum, and commission-free stocks allow beginners to invest with confidence
Robinhood$0NoneLow-value stocks and user-friendly features are perfect for millennial investors
Power E*TRADE$0No commission fees for ETFs or equityAdvanced tools and clean interface for frequent, professional traders
TD Ameritrade thinkorswim$0Choose from 300+ commission-free ETFs Educational resources and extensive trading options make thinkorswim a smart choice for investors looking to learn
Webull$0Commission-freeMinimalist interface and advanced trading charts and tools allow hands-on traders to make fast and frequent trades
Charles Schwab$0Commission-free stocks, ETFs, and optionsExtensive features and tools with low-cost trading options allow users of all skill levels and budgets to benefit from Charles Schwab

How we came up with our list of the best stock trading apps for Androids

If you’ve done any research into stock trading apps, you know that dozens of these apps exist across the Google Play app store. While some trading apps are reliable and lucrative, others utilize low-quality interfaces and unsafe transaction methods. 

The six stock trading apps that made our list all feature a few essential qualities: 

  • Positive customer reviews.
  • Secure payment methods.
  • User-friendly interfaces.
  • $0 minimum deposits.
  • Reasonable fees and commissions.

Each of the apps we reviewed above exceeds these standards and creates an overwhelmingly positive, reliable customer experience. You can trust these apps to keep your money and information safe, give you exceptional value for your dollar, and provide a clean, easy-to-navigate trading interface. 

What is a stock trading app?

The stock market began as a physical marketplace for investors to buy and sell stocks. Over the years, most stock exchanges have transitioned online, allowing traders to purchase shares instantly from their computers. 

With the invention of smartphones, online stock exchanges began offering compatibility with mobile apps. Stock trading apps include many of the features of trading websites—stock charts, instant trading options, and community forums —in the form of a downloadable app rather than a website. 

Having access to your stock portfolio on your phone allows you to make trades and monitor your account on the go. If you lead a busy lifestyle or work full time, you can still participate in frequent trading through an easy-to-use mobile app. 

Similarly, stock trading apps typically dial down some of the extensive resources and tools you may find in stock websites. These apps focus more on helping users through the trading process and giving them the resources they need, rather than overwhelming them with highly technical stock options. 

Who should use stock trading apps for androids?

Most stock trading apps are versatile and easy to use, and almost anyone can take advantage of their tools and trading features. However, Android users in the following categories can benefit the most from these stock trading apps. 


Stock trading apps like Public and Robinhood appeal to traders with little to no experience in the market. These apps take much of the complexity out of stock trading, allowing users to trade stocks with just a few dollars in their accounts and a few clicks of a button. 

Stock trading apps tend to be incredibly user-friendly and don’t include some of the more complicated charts and mysterious numbers you would see on a stock-trading website. All in all, these apps are ideal for new traders to start their trading journeys. 

Traders with busy schedules

Having a busy schedule doesn’t mean you can’t participate in trading. Stock trading apps allow you to make basic to advanced trades from anywhere—your work’s break room, your child’s soccer practice, or even your vacation destination. 

Most apps also let you trade at all hours of the day instead of making you stick to the traditional 9:30 AM to 4:00 PM market hours. 

Professional traders

Professional traders may initially think that stock trading apps are insufficient for their expertise and trading habits. However, apps like Webull and Power E*TRADE target advanced traders with extensive market experience. 

Professional traders can utilize trading apps to take their trading activities to the next level. Instead of only making trades at their desktop computers or laptops, these traders can begin extending their stock market habits into the rest of their lives. 

Pros can also take advantage of the community forums that several trading apps offer. Being able to converse casually with other traders of their skill level can help professionals up their games even more. 

Traders on a budget

Stock trading apps are also ideal for traders on a budget. Most of these apps don’t charge commission fees and have no minimum deposit requirements, meaning you won’t feel pressured to spend more money than you have. 

Like Robinhood and Schwab, several stock trading apps also let you purchase fractional shares for a few dollars each. 

Who shouldn’t use stock trading apps for Androids

While most traders can benefit from stock trading apps, these programs are not ideal for full-time day traders, traders under 18, or people who don’t have the expendable income to invest. 

Full-time day traders

Stock trading apps are typically versatile and feature-rich, but they lack some essential tools and functions of large-scale trading websites. If stock trading is your full-time career, you should probably use a desktop site rather than a mobile app to complete your daily trades. 

People under 18

Most stock trading apps require their users to be at least 18 years old to buy and sell stocks. If you’re a minor, you’ll probably need to wait until you’re 18 to start investing. 

People without expendable income

While trading stocks can be highly lucrative for many people, it is still risky. Stock trading apps utilize such user-friendly, simple interfaces that some users may forget they are putting real funds on the line. While trading stocks should always be a personal choice, if you don’t have much money to spare, you may decide against downloading a stock trading app. 

Most important features of stock trading apps

If you’re new to stock trading apps, you may not know what features indicate a high-quality, reliable, secure app. Keep an eye out for the following attributes as you search for the right trading app for your needs. 

Minimum deposit

Some trading apps require you to deposit a certain amount of money to begin trading. These minimum deposit amounts can range from $10 to $100, and if you weren’t planning to deposit much money, they might pressure you to spend more than you intended to. 

Thankfully, all of the apps on this list have a $0 minimum deposit. 


As with stock websites, stock trading apps often charge fees on specific trading and purchasing activities. In recent years, many trading apps have dropped commission fees altogether, making their platforms more accessible for any income level. 

None of the apps on this list charge a commission fee, but some have fees for advanced trading options like margin borrowing. 


Many new stock traders feel intimidated by the complex language, confusing charts, and elaborate numbers involved in the stock market. However, stock trading apps take some of the intimidation out of trading shares, allowing beginners and professionals alike to participate in the market. 

The best stock trading apps have clean, user-friendly interfaces that new users can pick up quickly. 

Stock options

Most stock trading apps allow you to trade stocks and ETFs, but the best apps include compatibility with bonds, options, cryptocurrency, foreign exchanges, and other products. As you look for the right stock trading app for your needs, be sure to double-check that each app on your list offers the products you would like to trade. 


Some trading apps include educational resources and forums to help beginners learn more about the stock market as a whole. Other apps target professional traders and have more advanced, niche stock information. 

An app’s resources can play a significant role in your ability to trade successfully. Be sure to check out an app’s educational section before depositing funds. 

Payment methods

Many stock trading apps require you to link your bank account to deposit and withdraw funds. The best apps utilize secure programs like Plaid to give you confidence that your bank account information is safe and that the app won’t make any unauthorized withdrawals. 

Before you give banking information to a trading app, be sure to determine whether its payment methods are secure and risk-free. Linking your bank account to a fraudulent trading app could lead to identity theft or fraud. 


Most stock trading apps are free to download. However, you may have to pay a recurring fee to participate in trades through the platform.  There are so many high-quality free options in the Google Play store, I recommend against spending any money to download a stock trading app. 
The best stock trading apps are safe to use and handle your personal information responsibly. However, some apps may appear to be safe but actually scam you out of your money.  Before downloading an app, be sure to read through its customer reviews and use your best judgment to determine its safety. If you have a bad feeling about an app, delete it and try one of our list’s reliable options instead. 
To download the apps on this list, open the Google Play app on your Android phone, search for the app of your choice, and click “install.” 


Stock trading apps can streamline the trading process, allowing you to trade shares right from your smartphone. The apps on this list are great for Android users, and each of these platforms features a clean interface, numerous stock options, and secure payment methods. 

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