The holidays have finally arrived! Looking for some gift ideas? We've got you covered with a hand-picked list of this season's best options, including mood-setting winter candles, mouthwatering caramels, moon chalk, and more.

While the holiday season comes and goes, being budget-conscious will serve you well at any time of year. These cost-effective gift ideas run the gamut from classic to trendy, and cover a wide variety of lifestyles, interests, and personalities.

Our list is subdivided by categories: Scroll to the general price point you’re looking for (from < $10 to $50) and then pick from houseware, treats, apparel, games, etc.

$10 and under


Ballet-themed cookie cutters from CookieCutter.com1. Cookie cutters from They have lots of fun and uncommon shapes, for under $10 (sometimes way under).

2. Instant ambiance comes at a very affordable price with this cedar and suede scented candle from Public Goods.


3. Tickle their brains with these fun brain teasers by Zack Guido.

4. Have a friend/family member who does a lot of voice chats? Give them the gift of clear audio with a small, portable microphone.

$15 and under


5. Archer air fresheners come in unconventional scents, like “European sports car” and “hunting lodge.”

6. This ice cream sandwich maker from Chips Ahoy will propel you to the top of your recipient’s favorite list instantly!

Scarf from the GapStyle

7. Cozy up and stay chic with a scarf from Gap.

8. Say no to lost lipstick with a sleek makeup bag.


9. Muth’s caramel modjeskas candies will have your friends licking their fingers for more.

10. Relax with this traveler’s tin of custom teas, perfect for that tea-lover on the go, from Republic of Tea.


Colorful deck of cards from Fredericks & Mae11. This colorful deck of cards from Fredericks & Mae will make any game night more entertaining.

12. For the newly initiated creative in your group, Areaware’s moon chalk is the ultimate design experience.

$20 and under


13. Fruit keg tapping kit. Turn a watermelon into a keg!

14. Novelty dish towels from Zazzle are purposeful and witty. What a combo!

Godiva holiday truffle tinTreats

15. Because everyone loves chocolate, you can’t go wrong with this Godiva Holiday Truffle Tin.

16. Spiced apple cocktail mix from Williams Sonoma.


17. For the writer in your life, a Moleskine notebook (available at Barnes & Noble).

18. Coloring books can be a relaxing, expressive gift for people of all ages. And an all-in-one coloring book and pencil pack will be appreciated by anyone with an artistic flair.

$25 and under


Donut cuddler from Chewy19. This donut cuddler from Chewy is a great bedding option for anyone with a small furball.

20. Got a friend who’s crazy over their cat? Then they’ll love this Cat Bingo game.


21. Have a beer drinker in the family? They might like a magnetic bottle opener from Dropcatch.

22. A Swiss Army pocket knife is a throwback gift for a rugged recipient.

23. Now, this is just cool…literally. A beverage cooler that chills drinks in one minute from HyperChiller.

$30 and under

Colorful iPhone case from society6Style

24. Pick from lots of different iPhone and iPod cases from Society6.

25. It’s a classic — men’s flannel pajama pants from Lands End.


26. Give the gift of delicious chocolate, like this gift bag of peppermint bark from Ghirardelli.

27. A dried fruit and nuts basket is one of the rare edible holiday gifts that will satisfy even the uber health-conscious.


Christmas Gifts Under $50 - Waffle

28. Make mornings special with a Cuisinart waffle maker from Bed Bath & Beyond.

29. Hosting will never be the same again with this trendy slate cheese board set.

$35 and under


32. If this collapsible electric kettle isn’t mindblowing, what is?

33. People with a deep appreciation for quality cheese will also appreciate the need to keep cheese free of moisture and other fridge odors. Enter the Capabunga Cheese Vault.


Custom dog ornament Etsy

30. An unwanted Christmas ornament can be a major groan. But a custom pet ornament can melt any pet parent’s heart, particularly if said ornament is of a pet that passed away.

31. Know someone who’s trying to save up for something? Let this adorable Cat Stealing piggy bank help them build a rainy day fund.


34. Cozy sweaters are the latest rage. So gift someone this cashmere pullover from Banana Republic to stay warm and cool (see what I did there?).

35. Embrace the holiday spirit from head to toe with a handmade, knitted santa hat.

$40 and under


Anker portable charger36. When you need a charge and fast, this portable charger from Anker is your lifeline.

37. This clean, stylish alarm clock allows that extra snooze we all occasionally need while still getting us to the office on time.


38. Stock up on some fresh-scented hand soap and lotion from Williams Sonoma.

39. Decorate with a funky half-moon wall mirror that doubles as a jewelry rack from Urban Outfitters.

$50 and under

Simon Pearce Thetford tealightHouseware

40. Add an upscale touch to your liquor stash with this wine decanter from Williams Sonoma.

41. A handmade Simon Pearce glass tealight reflects a radiant Christmas glow.


42. Disruptive sounds can ruin our sleep or concentration. The Marpac Dohm Classic white noise machine provides a steady ambient soundscape that masks intrusive noise.

43. For the music lovers in your life, turn up the volume with a portable bluetooth speaker from Sony.


There’s no need to scrooge away the holiday season just because you’re on a tight budget. You can find a thoughtful present at any price point, whether it’s a seasonal cocktail mix for your libation-loving brother or a donut cuddler for a pet parent.

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