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Everyday Life makes it easy to get a life insurance policy online, without taking a medical exam. Policies are issued by reputable providers and the company offers one-on-one customer service if you need help applying or have questions about your coverage.

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There’s a reason signing up for life insurance is so easy to put off. Often, the process requires piles of paperwork and a pesky health exam.

However, Everyday Life seeks to make signing up as painless as possible. And not just by avoiding the pain of a needle. Yes, Everyday Life lets healthy applicants skip the health exam, but you’ll also find the application process itself is easy, taking just a few minutes. You can even get a quote without providing your contact information.

What is Everyday Life?

  • Plans available: Term life insurance, whole life insurance, accidental death insurance
  • Term lengths: 10 to 40 years (depending on the underwriter)
  • Coverage limits: Up to $2 million (depending on the underwriter)
  • Partner companies: Assurity, Bestow, Fidelity Life, Legal & General, SBLI
  • No-exam policies: Yes
  • Online application: Yes

Although Everyday Life is only a few years old, it issues policies from several reputable life insurance companies, including Legal & General, Assurity, Bestow, Fidelity Life, and SBLI.

Founded by innovators Jake Tamarkin and Dipali Trivedi in 2018, Everyday Life considers itself a life insurance concierge. The service uses the latest technology to create customized life insurance policies for consumers from all backgrounds.

Everyday Life uses an initial needs assessment to determine your life insurance coverage levels. From there, the technology adjusts your coverage to fit your stage of life while providing affordable premiums. You can also get one-on-one customer service if you have any concerns or questions.

Pros & Cons of Everyday Life


  • Easy quote process — You can get a quote in a matter of seconds without inputting any contact information.
  • Easy sign-up process — If you like the quote, you can sign up by providing some basic details — there is no health exam required for 90% of applicants.
  • Trusted underwriters — Everyday Life partners with highly rated insurance carriers, including SBLI, Fidelity Life, and Bestow, to underwrite its life insurance policies.
  • Your terms will automatically adjust — Everyday Life will increase and decrease your rate as your life circumstances change.


  • Limited risk assessment — Everyday Life uses predictive analytics to determine your coverage, so you may find that the risk assessment isn’t as accurate as if you’d had a health exam.
  • Automatic scaling may not be for everyone — Everyday Life uses algorithms to scale your coverage, so if you don’t follow a conventional life path, you may find your coverage doesn’t match your circumstances.
  • Whole life not available to applicants under 50 — Everyday Life offers two whole life insurance policies, but you must be at least 50 years old to qualify.

How Does Everyday Life Work?

The first step of the Everyday Life sign-up process is to complete a needs assessment. This should just take a couple of minutes.

Everyday Life Review: Life Insurance For Each Life Stage - Let's go!

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You’ll first be asked if anyone depends on you for support. If so, you’ll be directed to specify the people who depend on you, whether it’s a spouse, parent, children, or other loved one.

If you have dependents, you’ll be asked to provide some information about them.

Everyday Life Review: Life Insurance For Each Life Stage - Child info

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You’ll then be asked a few questions about your own age and health.

Everyday Life Review: Life Insurance For Each Life Stage - Now, lets talk a bit about you

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Everyday Life also needs to know some information about your finances to give you a quote. 

Everyday Life Review: Life Insurance For Each Life Stage - Some basic money questions

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For a parent of a one-year-old, the tool suggests a higher level of coverage during the younger years, gradually decreasing with that child’s age. At the 20-year mark, a child would be college-aged, at which point your coverage needs wouldn’t be quite as high as those younger years.

Everyday Life Review: Life Insurance For Each Life Stage - Personalized plan

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By taking this decreasing coverage approach, Everyday Life automatically reduces the coverage when you no longer need it. In my case, it would save $4,176 over the life of the plan when compared to traditional life insurance plans that keep a flat rate for the entire term.

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Everyday Life Review: Life Insurance For Each Life Stage - Savings

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At this point, Everyday Life will start gathering your contact information. I like that I was able to get a quote and make a decision before inputting my name and email address.

Everyday Life Review: Life Insurance For Each Life Stage - Start application

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Everyday Life works with multiple insurance companies so they can present you with the best offer for your situation. Once Everyday Life has your contact information, you’ll be redirected to their recommended insurance company’s site (Fidelity Life, in this case) to complete the application process.

The relevant insurance company will give you an official quote after you’ve answered their questions in more detail. Questions might include your height, weight, and whether you smoke. 

Everyday Life Review: Life Insurance For Each Life Stage - Tell us about yourself

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Once you’ve inputted all the information, you’ll be asked to provide payment details to finish getting your policy set up.

Everyday Life Insurance Plans

There are several different types of life insurance you can purchase through Everyday Life.

Term Life Insurance

Everyday Life offers term life insurance policies from multiple underwriters. Depending on the company that issues the policy, you can get term life insurance with up to $2 million in coverage, over a period of 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, or 40 years.

Most term life policies don’t require a medical exam, and you can typically get approved within a day or two. Depending on the company that you match with, you might also have the option to renew or convert your term policy to a permanent policy when the initial term ends.

Whole Life Insurance

Everyday Life issues whole life insurance through Fidelity Life. There are two policies available: a simplified issue whole life policy and a guaranteed issue whole life policy. However, both policies are only available to applicants ages 50 and older, so it’s not a good option for younger individuals and families who want permanent coverage.

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Accidental Death Insurance

Accidental death insurance isn’t a true form of life insurance, but it’s often purchased in conjunction with a traditional term life or whole life policy. If you pass away and your death is caused by a qualifying accident, this policy provides a death benefit to your beneficiary (like life insurance does).

Everyday Life’s accidental death insurance policy is underwritten by Assurity. You can choose coverage limits between $50,000 and $350,000 and get approved within two business days. There’s no medical exam required, and you can renew the policy until age 80.

Pricing for Everyday Life

Everyday Life connects you with one of several insurance companies for your insurance policy, including Fidelity Life and Legal & General. Fidelity Life specializes in no-exam-required insurance policies that base your rates on your answers to a small set of questions about your health. Legal & General’s rates are the lowest offered in 70% of cases, but may require a medical exam in some instances.

With Everyday Life, you can secure policies between $5,000 and $2 million. Your rates will be based on your own health, age, and the type of policy you want, as well as your financial situation. Everyday Life issues policies for consumers starting as young as age 18, all the way up to age 85.

Everyday Life Features

It can be tough to choose between all the life insurance providers out there. Here are a few features that set Everyday Life apart from other insurers.

Coverage That Scales

Everyday Life adjusts your coverage to fit your lifestyle, using predictive analytics to save you money. If you have young children, your coverage will be higher, but as they near adulthood, your coverage will automatically start to drop to save you money.

Easy Application Process

In most cases, signing up for life insurance through Everyday Life takes just minutes. You’ll first get a quote and, if the monthly payment works for you, you’ll proceed to the slightly more involved application process.

In most cases, you won’t have to get a medical exam, but Everyday Life does reserve the right to request one as part of your application.

Customized Protection

Everyday Life’s rates and coverage levels are based on something called Predictive Protection. This process adjusts your coverage based on life events like having children or nearing retirement age. Your coverage scales up and down automatically as the years pass.

An Established Insurer

When you secure a life insurance policy through Everyday Life, it’s underwritten by a strong partner like Legal & General, SBLI, Assurity, or Bestow. These providers are financially stable and have demonstrated their ability to meet policyholder obligations.

Anonymous Quotes

Insurers that offer life insurance will often require contact information to give you a quote. At the very least, you’ll have to enter an email address. Everyday Life lets you answer a few questions to get a quote. You can then decide if you want to proceed.

Support Available

Everyday Life customers have access to one-on-one help at any time. You can contact customer support by phone, email, or live chat any time you have questions or need help.

My Experience Researching Everyday Life

What I like most about Everyday Life is how easy it is to get a quote. If you’ve ever been through the process of applying for life insurance, you know how involved it can be. There are questionnaires, followed by needles and blood pressure cuffs. Then you have to wait for the results to find out whether you qualify and, if so, how much your premiums will be.

There was none of that with Everyday Life. I just answered a few questions and got a quote. I was impressed that Everyday Life told me I didn’t need life insurance rather than giving me a quote right off the bat. But once I chose to proceed, the rate I was quoted was pretty reasonable.

Everyday Life Review: Life Insurance For Each Life Stage - 3 steps

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I also liked that Everyday Life partners with well-known underwriters for its policies. Having a policy underwritten by a life insurance company with an impressive history gives you peace of mind.

But what’s really impressive about Everyday Life is that your coverage changes over the life of the policy. So as I reach certain milestones, the policy will automatically expand to ensure that my loved ones are protected.

Who is Everyday Life Best For?

New Parents

If you have young children, you’ll especially benefit from a policy through Everyday Life. You’ll get the coverage you need for those early years when your children would need it if something happened to you. This approach can save you thousands of dollars.

Younger Consumers

If you’re just starting out in life, Everyday Life can be a big benefit. You can set up the policy and let it run for up to 40 years with the assurance that it will scale as your life circumstances change. As with any life insurance policy, you’ll find the younger and healthier you are, the lower your premiums will be.

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Consumers Who Like the Human Touch

Being able to get one-on-one assistance at any time is a huge help. You can reach out via a variety of methods, starting from the time you start asking for a quote. You can launch a chat, send an email, or pick up the phone and call to get answers to any questions you have.

Busy Consumers

If you don’t have time to revisit your life insurance policy often, Everyday Life’s automatic adjustment feature can be a big help. Instead of having to notify your insurer every time you have a change in your life circumstances, Everyday Life will handle it for you.

Tech-Savvy Consumers

Although online insurance has made it easy for consumers to get a policy, it isn’t for everyone. Everyday Life is perfect for the person who wants a policy but doesn’t want to go through the process of working with an insurance broker to set it up. You can manage the entire process from the comfort of your home.

Who Shouldn’t Use Everyday Life?

Those Wanting Permanent Policies

Everyday Life is only a good option for those wanting term policies. Although the company sells whole life insurance, you must be at least 50 years old to purchase a policy.

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Those Looking for Comparison Shopping

Everyday Life is designed to conveniently match you up with the right policy, but you will need to go elsewhere if you want to shop around and compare prices.

Also, keep in mind that companies that require health exams may offer lower rates. If you’re looking for the cheapest policy, it’s a good idea to get a quote from a company that requires a health exam and see if your rate is lower. For those in excellent health, sometimes the exam works in their favor.

Everyday Life vs. the Competitors 


Everyday Life Review: Life Insurance For Each Life Stage - Ladder

  • Term lengths: 10 to 40 years
  • Coverage range: $100,000 to $10 million
  • Medical exam: Required for some

Ladder exclusively sells term life insurance, but the coverage limits are generous. You can get a policy with $100,000 to $8 million in term coverage, with term lengths of 10 to 30 years, in five-year increments. Depending on your age and health, you might be required to take a medical exam. If you do require an exam, you’ll be issued temporary insurance until a technician can come to your home and perform the test.

One of the unique features of Ladder is the ability to “ladder” your coverage with term riders. Laddering your coverage (also called stacking) allows you to get higher coverage limits during periods of increased financial responsibility, like when you’re paying off a mortgage. It’s a good way to personalize your coverage limits while maintaining an affordable rate.

Check rates with Ladder or read our full review.


Ethos logo

  • Term lengths: 10 to 30 years
  • Coverage range: $20,000 to $2 million
  • Medical exam: Not required

Ethos offers term life insurance and whole life insurance without a medical exam. You can apply online in just a few minutes and get coverage instantly — no waiting period required. Ethos’ term life policies provide up to $2 million in coverage over 10, 15, 20, or 30 years. However, the company only sells whole life policies to applicants who are 66 and older.

Like Everyday Life, Ethos works with partner companies to issue its life insurance policies. Depending on factors like your location and coverage limit, your policy may be issued by Legal & General, Ameritas Life Insurance, TruStage®, or another company in Ethos’ network.

Check rates with Ethos or read our full review.


Everyday Life gives you access to term life at affordable rates. You can get a quote with very little information and use that quote to decide whether you want to proceed. Even after you’ve secured a policy, Everyday Life strives to make things easy by providing one-on-one customer service whenever you need it.

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