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Fabric provides term life and accidental death insurance in 48 states. Quotes are available after taking a 10-minute questionnaire on a sleek and easy-to-use website.

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There is nothing like “adulting” when you’ve left behind the single life and have started a family. With more people to care for, you may be wondering about life insurance. And, this is smart. If something were to happen to you, would your spouse be left with the burden of carrying two debts? What about a child if you were suddenly gone?

A variety of companies are aiming to make life insurance easier to understand, as well as easier to obtain. Fabric is a direct-to-consumer provider offering such services. The company acts as a managing general agency, which means you can enroll for life insurance directly through Fabric.

Is Fabric right for you and your family? Here’s a look. 

What is Fabric?

Fabric was launched by parents for parents to help set up life insurance you need now that there is another member of your family to think about. It provides estate planning and wills, as well, to help make sure your little ones are cared for in the event you cannot be there in the future. 

Founded in Brooklyn, New York, in 2017, the website aims to make it easier for parents to organize their financial lives.

How does insuring with Fabric work?

As a managing general agency, everything you need to enroll in life insurance is done entirely through Fabric and can be done through the website. 

For term life insurance, start by answering a few basic questions, such as are you married, do you have life insurance through work, do you have children under the age of 18 at home, do you have student loan or credit card debt, and do you have a will. 

 Fabric Review: My Experience Using Fabric - What life insurance makes sense for you?

Once you answer the questions, Fabric provides a “personalized checklist:” recommendations of what you need.

 Fabric Review: My Experience Using Fabric - Your personalized checklist

Next, Fabric helps you calculate term life policy coverage up to $5 million dollars. Fabric offers advice on how to calculate your needs based on your mortgage, debts, college tuition, and your health.

Once you select your amount, Fabric asks for your age and state, then runs you through a series of questions about your lifestyle.

 Fabric Review: My Experience Using Fabric - Whats your desired coverage amount

If you have had health issues, Fabric will also easily walk you through various types that may affect your pricing, able to review hundreds of different issues you may be experiencing to ensure your quote will match your needs.

How much does Fabric cost?

When it comes to life insurance, there are many variables in determining costs, such as your state, age, and health. For Fabric, they categorize customers under rate classes, which are:

  • Ultra Select – This is for those in excellent health and no family history of bad health, who have not used tobacco in five years and who lead a low-risk lifestyle. This class receives the best rates.
  • Select Plus – This is for those in very good health and good family history of health, who have not used tobacco in three years and who lead a low-risk lifestyle.
  • Select – This is for those in good health and good family history of health, who have not used tobacco in two years and who lead a low-risk lifestyle.
  • Standard – This is for those in acceptable health and acceptable family history, who have not used tobacco in one year and who lead a moderate-risk lifestyle.
  • Tobacco User – This is for those in acceptable health and family history of health, who have used tobacco in the last year and who lead a moderate-risk lifestyle.

For accidental death coverage, Fabric offers three plans at low monthly premiums:

  •     $100,000 coverage at $6 per month.
  •     $250,000 coverage at $15 per month.
  •     $500,000 in coverage at $30 per month.

These prices may vary based on your state.

Fabric features

Why should you consider Fabric for your life insurance? The company is simple: It works with one insurance company and, even then, only offers policies that help policyholders take care of their loved ones in the event of their deaths.

Also, Fabric recently announced several new product features, including no-exam eligibility for up to $1.5 million in term life insurance coverage, the addition of 25 and 30-year length terms options, and an increase in no exam allowance until age 60.

Here are the key features of the company:


Fabric is providing a direct-to-consumer model. You will be buying insurance from your computer. The good thing about this is by skipping an insurance agent, the insurance company is saving money and passing those savings off to you, its consumer. 

Term life insurance

Term life is a policy that works well for young parents, as it has an end date. Often, parents select a 20- to 30-year term life insurance policy that ensures their children are provided for in case of an untimely death before the child has completed school. The policies end when children are self-sufficient and no longer in need of care.

These plans, which Fabric calls Premium, also are good for new parents because they are cheaper than whole life policies.

Accidental death policies

One type of policy provided by Fabric is accidental death coverage, which they call Fabric Instant. These are not always offered by insurance companies and, as the name implies, provides additional funds should you die due to an accident. 

Last will and testament

Although not insurance, Fabric also provides a quick and easy will that is recommended for parents. A will makes sure that your wishes for your child are specified, down to who should be deemed legal guardian should anything happen to you.

 Fabric Review: My Experience Using Fabric - Why do we think these are important?

My experience with Fabric

While it started easily enough to answer questions for a quote, Fabric got very detailed, asking for doctors, addresses, additional policy numbers, and the like. It can be a pain when you’re trying to get a general idea on pricing, but then again, all of the details do help them give an accurate quote so you won’t be surprised when you are ready to make it official.

On the other hand, if you are ready to buy life insurance today — in 10 minutes you are done and, barring any health issues, may receive an offer on the spot. 

But it would be nice if there was just a simple estimate that didn’t require a full log-in to receive. 

The accidental death coverage prices up front are great —I just wish they could do that with the term life policies. 

Who is Fabric best for?

New parents

You may be overwhelmed by all of the things you need to do when you have a new baby, but Fabric makes it very easy to get coverage, fast!

People ages 24-44

This age range has the highest risk of accidental death, according to the CDC, and coverage includes accidents such as a car or bicycle accident.

Who is Fabric not ideal for?

Someone with a pre-existing condition

If you have an illness, you will not receive accidental death coverage if you should pass due to the illness. Also, it is more difficult to be approved for term life insurance without an in-person health exam.

People over the age of 50

Accidental death coverage automatically ends at age 60, and Fabric does not offer it to anyone ages 50 and up.

Residents of Montana or New York

These states are not eligible for Fabric’s services.

Pros & cons


  • Easy-to-complete online — The application for insurance or a will is very easy to use and thoroughly sleek in design.
  • Low-cost insurance — Fabric Instant is available starting as low as $6 a month for $100,000 in coverage, $15 per month for $250,000 in coverage and $30 per month for $500,000 in coverage.
  • High coverage — Fabric can provide up to $5 million in coverage.


  • Sub-standard rates — For heavy smokers, those with pre-existing illnesses and/or a family history of illnesses, sub-standard rates are available, but it is not what Fabric specializes in. You won’t find good rates offered if you do qualify.
  • Not available nationwide — Fabric is not available in Montana or New York.
  • Questionable insurance provider — Although its parent company is well known, Vantis does not have a ton of reviews, which makes me wonder if I really want to work with a new company and insurance carrier on my first policy.

Fabric vs. competitors

Fabric and other direct-to-consumer online companies are relatively comparable. These rates for a 20- to 25-year-old woman (non-smoker) are just an example of starting rates found between Fabric and like providers.


Fabric10 and 20-year term life$250,000 to
$5 million
25 to 60Not available for residents of MT or NY
Bestow10, 15, 20, 25, or 30 year terms$50,000 to
$1.5 million
21 to 55Not available for residents of NY
SprouttDepends on chosen provider$50,000 to $3 million18+
Haven10-, 15-, 20-, 25-, and 30-year term life$250,000 to
$3 million
20 to 64Available in every state


Fabric Review: My Experience Using Fabric - BestowLike Fabric, Bestow is also 100% online and provides term life coverage. The company offers 10, 15, 20, 25, or 30-year terms between $50,000 and $1.5 million. While Fabric doesn’t offer the shortest term, it does provide the opportunity to ensure more — up to $5 million.

Bestow does not require any medical exams, however, this means you could be denied if you do not meet qualifications – just like all life insurance companies. Bestow, like Fabric, offers products issued by one insurance provider: North American Company for Life and Health Insurance®. Bestow is available in all states with the exception of New York.


Sproutt lets you customize your coverage to the terms you need with coverage from $50,000 to $3 million. Your policy and rates are based not just on the plan you choose, but on your own lifestyle habits. If you lead a generally healthy lifestyle, it’s definitely worth getting a quote.

You won’t be buying your life insurance policy directly with Sproutt. Instead, you’ll input information about your needs and Sproutt will issue something called a Quality of Life (QL) Index score and shop policies on your behalf. No medical exam is required, and the entire application takes mere minutes.

Haven Life

Fabric Review: My Experience Using Fabric - Haven LifeWorking exclusively through renowned carrier MassMutual, you can find 10-, 15-, 20-, 25-, and 30-year term policies from $250,000 to $3 million with Haven Life.

Unlike Bestow, you may need a medical exam to qualify (but that’s normal when it comes to getting health insurance).

Coverage through Haven is available for ages 20 to 64. Unlike Fabric, Haven is available in all 50 states.


I found Fabric to be an easy-to-use tool to get life insurance quickly, although I was concerned about the lack of reviews available on the company, as well as its insurance carrier.

Still, it is backed by its parent company, one of the oldest insurance companies in the country. Particularly helpful are the accidental death upgrade and free wills to complete estate planning.

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