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Interested in learning about cryptocurrency? Gemini™ has you covered. The site’s dashboards make it easy to monitor all the top cryptocurrencies to decide where to invest. You’ll also get higher-than-average interest rates and some of the best security in the industry.

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These days, it feels like everyone I know is investing in cryptocurrency. It’s hard not to develop a serious case of FOMO.

That’s why sites like Gemini™ are so useful. You don’t have to worry about ledgers or tokens, just sign up and start monitoring the top cryptocurrencies. You can even add some to a watchlist and keep an eye on them for a while before making a move.

But there are plenty of other features that make Gemini™ stand out.

What is Gemini™?

Identical twin brothers Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss are perhaps best known for their role in the founding of Facebook. In 2014, they shifted to the cryptocurrency space with the goal of making it accessible to everyone. In addition to investing in no fewer than 25 digital asset startups, they founded Gemini™, which is a big part of their holding company Gemini™ Space Station.

In a crowd of cryptocurrency startups, Gemini™ stands out. It was the first to be named a trust bank by the New York State Department of Financial Services, which means it’s tightly regulated. The founders also prioritize security, with Gemini™ becoming the first cryptocurrency provider to pass the SOC 1 Type 2 and SOC 2 Type 2 compliance exams.

How does Gemini™ work?

Signing up with Gemini™ takes just a few steps and a quick identity verification. To get started with Gemini™, go to the website and click “Get started.”

Gemini Review: Learn About Cryptocurrency While You Invest - Get started

You’ll need to enter your contact information and choose a password to create an account.

Gemini Review: Learn About Cryptocurrency While You Invest - Create account

Gemini™ uses two-factor authentication to verify your account. You’ll input your cell number and wait for a text to come through with a seven-digit code. You’ll have to provide this code to continue your account setup.

Gemini Review: Learn About Cryptocurrency While You Invest - Add your mobile number

As always when setting up a financial account, you’ll need to provide your Social Security number and date of birth to verify your identity.

Gemini Review: Learn About Cryptocurrency While You Invest - Confirm your identity

Next, you’ll be invited to add a funding source so that you can start making purchases. You can skip this step and complete it later by simply going to “Settings”. You’ll be redirected to your dashboard, where you can watch the performance of various cryptocurrencies. Click on “View details” to see more or make a purchase.

Gemini Review: Learn About Cryptocurrency While You Invest - Market

If you want to make a purchase, you can do so from the details screen. You can also set up recurring trades.

Gemini Review: Learn About Cryptocurrency While You Invest - Bitcoin

Once you’ve begun trading, you can monitor your assets in your portfolio. You can also set up price alerts to be notified when any of the cryptocurrencies you can trade through Gemini™ reaches a certain price point.

Gemini Review: Learn About Cryptocurrency While You Invest - My portfolio

Pricing for Gemini™

Gemini™ uses a series of fee schedules that are based on where you conduct the trade. Whether you place your order on Gemini™’s website or through its mobile app, you will pay both a convenience fee and a transaction fee. But don’t worry, Gemini™ will give you a tally of what fees you’ll be charged before you make your purchase.

With Gemini™, the more you buy, the lower the per-transaction fee will be. Gemini™’s web and mobile order fees are as follows:

  • Orders of less than $10: $0.99.
  • Orders of $10.00 – $24.99: $1.49.
  • Orders of $25.00 – $49.99: $1.99.
  • Orders of $50.00 – $199.99: $2.99.
  • Orders of more than $200.00: 1.49% of your order value.

Most deposits and withdrawals are free. However, if you deposit funds using a debit card, you’ll be charged a fee of 3.49% of the total amount.

Gemini™ features

With an increasing number of cryptocurrency trading platforms on the market, it’s important to know what sets each one apart. Here are some of Gemini™’s standout features.

Easy signup

Signing up with Gemini™ is a breeze, with an interface that walks you through the process. You simply enter some information and set up an account. Once you’re in, you can deposit some money so that you’ll be prepared to buy when you see a good opportunity.

Competitive interest rate

When you purchase cryptocurrency through Gemini™, you can opt into a feature called Gemini Earn™ to start accruing interest on your balance. Gemini™ pays up to 7.4% APY on cryptocurrency balances. This rate can vary with the market.

Easy-to-use interface

From its website to its mobile app, Gemini™ prioritizes ease of use. You’ll get visual dashboards that help you monitor which cryptocurrencies are performing best. You can set up one-time or recurring trades and monitor your portfolio from your mobile device or the desktop website.

Top-notch security

Gemini™ is licensed in New York as a trust company, which means it has to comply with regulations, including being subject to regular audits by the New York Department of Financial Services. Gemini™ was also the first cryptocurrency provider to gain SOC 1 Type 2 and SOC 2 Type 2 compliance.


Gemini™ lets you add cryptocurrencies to your watchlist to monitor performance before making a move. You can sort cryptocurrencies by top movers, top traded, and recently launched to make it easy to find cryptocurrencies to keep an eye on.

Credit card

This is an upcoming feature, but you can join the waiting list to be the first to get a Gemini™ credit card. With this card, you’ll earn up to 3% back on qualifying purchases, and you can get those rewards in the cryptocurrency you prefer.


Watchlists aren’t the only way Gemini™ helps you learn all things cryptocurrency. The site also offers Cryptopedia, a comprehensive resource for investors. This free website is available to everyone, including non-members, and includes articles on everything from the history of Bitcoin to NFTs.

Gemini ActiveTrader™

For advanced cryptocurrency traders, there’s Gemini ActiveTrader™, which gives you access to more features. With ActiveTrader™, you get advanced charting, multiple order types, auctions, and block trading. 

Gemini Clearing™

If you want a way to quickly exchange money with other cryptocurrency traders, Gemini Clearing™ is a feature to pay attention to. The settlement is fast and anonymous, but you’ll still have Gemini™’s security to protect the transaction.

Business-to-business services

Financial institutions can benefit from Gemini Custody™ or Gemini Wallet™, which are Gemini™’s institutional-grade cryptocurrency storage services.

My experience researching Gemini™

Right off the bat, what I noticed about Gemini™ was how easy the interface was to use. Even a cryptocurrency novice like me can figure out what to do if I want to buy or sell. This ease of use doesn’t just apply to the website, either. The mobile app gives you a handy way to monitor your portfolio from wherever you are.

Gemini Review: Learn About Cryptocurrency While You Invest - Gemini home page

Although it’s not out yet, I also love the concept of a Gemini™ credit card. It’s a MasterCard, so you can use it wherever you go, and you’ll earn points while you spend.

But what really stands out about Gemini™ is its extremely high interest rate. Currently, you can earn 7.4% on your cryptocurrency balances. You’d be challenged to find a financial institution that will offer you a return like that.

Gemini™ is set up to help you learn the ropes. You can monitor what’s going on with all the most popular cryptocurrencies and add some to your watchlist. By being able to keep an eye on the top performers, you can truly learn about various cryptocurrencies so that you’re making a fully informed purchase decision.

Who is Gemini™ best for?

Beginner traders

Gemini™ is designed for novice cryptocurrency investors, although Gemini ActiveTrader™ opens up more features for advanced traders. But if you’re just getting started, the interface, combined with the ability to create watchlists, makes it great for learning the ropes.

Buy-and-hold investors

Gemini™’s impressive interest rate makes it the ideal platform for those who are prepared to hold onto their cryptocurrency for a while. Make sure you sign up for Gemini Earn™ if you want to take advantage of the higher interest rate.

Security-conscious users

Gemini™ takes security seriously, having completed the SOC 1 Type 2 and SOC 2 Type 2 compliance exams. You can also opt to secure your account with a security key, and Gemini™ invests in state-of-the-art cold storage for all crypto held in its wallet.

Credit card users

The upcoming credit card is a great benefit for anyone interested in trading cryptocurrency. You don’t have to do anything but shop to start earning cryptocurrency that you can hold in your high-yield account.

Who shouldn’t use Gemini™?

Investors on a budget

Gemini™’s fees are on the high side when compared to other cryptocurrency exchanges. You won’t pay fees on your deposits and withdrawals unless you use a debit card, so you will save a little money there.

International users

Although Gemini™ is available in more than 50 countries, including the U.S., there are cryptocurrency exchanges with a broader reach. If you live outside the U.S., or you plan to move eventually, check the list of supported countries and make sure you’ll have the access you need.

Pros & cons


  • Top-notch security — Gemini™ provides some of the best security in the industry, making it a great choice for those who are concerned about breaches.
  • Easy to use — The interface is intuitive, making it easy to not only learn how to trade but also learn which cryptocurrencies are the right fit for your portfolio.
  • High interest yield — The 7.4% APY offered on cryptocurrency balances makes Gemini Earn™ an impressive savings option.


  • High fees — The fees on trades are higher than with other cryptocurrency platforms, but the fees reduce with higher-dollar transactions.
  • Not available in all countries — Although U.S. traders have access, there are some countries that don’t have access yet.

Gemini™ vs. their competitors

Fees$0.99-$2.99 per trade; 1.49% for orders of $200 or more0.5% per trade0.1%
Cryptocurrencies offered50+5016
Credit/debit deposits3.49% of total purchase amount (debit only)3.5% per transaction$0


Gemini™ Review: Learn About Cryptocurrency While You Invest - CoinbaseGemini™ isn’t the only platform designed for cryptocurrency beginners. Coinbase’s interface makes cryptocurrency investment accessible to everyone. Best of all, you can take courses that help you learn more about cryptocurrency, and you’ll earn $39 in crypto for checking it out. This is in addition to the $5 you get for signing up.

Although it’s hard to beat Gemini™’s top-notch security, Coinbase provides a vault with time-delayed withdrawals to help keep your funds safe. You can also earn up to 6% APR on your crypto balance.


Gemini Review: Learn About Cryptocurrency While You Invest - eToroIf lower fees are your goal, eToro may be a good alternative. The selection of cryptocurrencies is much smaller – 16 at last count. 

Although the fees are lower with eToro, you will pay a $5 withdrawal fee on all types of withdrawals. There’s a $30 minimum to take funds out of your eToro account. You’ll also get CopyTrader™, which lets you copy another trader’s activity. You can customize the amount you want to invest but follow the same patterns in your trade.


If you’re looking for an easy-to-use crypto platform, Gemini™ is a great tool to consider. With Gemini Earn™, you can even accrue interest at a rate higher than most high-yield savings vehicles. It’s a handy way to get your start in crypto while also setting money aside for the future.

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