The ultra-rich have no shortage of places to spend their money. Luxury doesn't just mean mansions, yachts and Lamborghinis anymore. No. It can also mean spending piles of cash on things you could get at the drug store for a few bucks. See here.

Have more money than you know what to do with?

Problem solved: These luxury versions of everyday items are insanely expensive. Or you could, you know, take that money and invest it instead. I’ll let you guess what we think you should do.

1. The $100,000 razor

$100,000 razor

This $100,000 razor is made from a metal found in meteorites this razor will give you the closest shave of your life. It’s white sapphire blades are less than 100 atoms across, which is 5,000 times smaller than the hair it’s cutting. With stats like that I kinda want one. You haven’t lived until you’ve removed unwanted hair with sapphires.

2. The $250 bag of popcorn

250 popcorn

Who knew you could eat gold? Gold flake is just one of the ingredients that make this popcorn $250 per gallon. All the ingredients are carefully selected and the best in their categories. Cream from Vermont, organic sugar, Nielsen Massey Bourbon Vanilla, and salt that requires an actual trip to Denmark to obtain. If $250 is too pricey you can skip the gold flakes and get the gallon for just $30.

3. The $475,000 dog house

dog house cropped

With two bedrooms and a lounge your dog can have a house worth more than twice as much as the average home in the US. Of course it does come furnished with the finest dog furniture available, including temperature controlled sheepskin beds and a 52 inch plasma TV. But it doesn’t stop there, oh no, this house has higher security than most government buildings. A retina scanner can keep out the neighborhood riff raff and closed circuit TV means the dog owner can keep constant watch on their pooch.

4. The $250 roll of gold toilet paper

$250 gold toilet paper cropped

This is the most mind boggling item on the list. Who would even want gold toilet paper? Gold isn’t exactly known for being soft or absorbent which is normally what people look for in a good toilet paper. The upside is that this toilet paper can be printed with a custom design. Maybe it’s supposed to be like those guest towels that no one is ever allowed to use.

5. The $60,000 bottle of water

$60,000 bottle of water cropped

You think buying regular bottled water is excessive? Wait until you hear about the $60,000 bottle of water. This special blend of water is drawn from both spring and glacier originating in Fiji, France, and Iceland. The bottle is made from 24-carat gold and shaped more like a sculpture than a typical water bottle. I guess after you wet your whistle you can enjoy the bottle for years to come.

6. The $50,000 pacifier

black-diamond-pacifier cropped

Step aside silver spoon, there is a new baby luxury item in town. The $50,000 pacifier is made of 14-carat white and yellow gold and then encrusted with white and black diamonds. If you’ve ever had a baby you know the total panic of not being able to find their binky. When you lose this bad boy there is sure to be a lot of screaming and crying going on. Oh, and the baby might cry too.

7. The $13,000 pencil

$13,000 pencil cropped

Forget the good ‘ole yellow no. 2. When you have something really important to write, but that isn’t important enough to require a pen, you know to reach for your $13,000 pencil. The cap for this pencil is made of 18 carat white gold and has three diamonds on the top. It also comes with a sharpener, which is presumably also made of white gold. Maybe if I’d had this for my SATs I’d have done a little better.

8. The $400,000 T-shirt

$400K tshirt cropped

If I spent almost half a million dollars on a t-shirt I’d be too afraid to leave the house. But apparently there are people out there who don’t mind wearing a piece of clothing that costs eight times the median income. Made from 100 percent organic cotton using a process that cuts emissions by 90 percent this is an earth-friendly T. But that alone doesn’t justify the price. The hefty price tag is due to the nine carats of black and white diamonds that make up the blingy design.

9. The $15,000 tea bag to go with your $8,000 tea

$15,000 teabag cropped

In a lot of cultures, making and drinking tea is an event. So if you’re rich and you really like tea you might want a $15,000 hand crafted diamond encrusted tea bag. It pairs perfectly with your $8,000 tea. Ambrootia Snowmist is the considered the finest tea out there. Made from the Pale Ho bud, it is picked just before sunrise when the fragrance is strongest.  I suppose if you are going to drink $8,000 tea you should brew it in a diamond tea bag. I mean, let’s be reasonable.

10. The $84,000 bed

$84,000 bed cropped

I love to sleep, but who could rest easy knowing they spent over $84,000 on a bed? 100 percent hand made, including the springs, this bed comes with the sheets and headboard. The fabric was designed by a famous designer and is a blend of silk, cashmere, lambswool, and cotton. It also comes with a “divan” which is an armless and backless couch to set against the wall. Well, if you are going to spend over twice the cost of an average car you should at least get two pieces of furniture.

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