Are you an Uber or Lyft driver? Thinking of becoming one? Maximum Ridesharing Profits is an online course created by rideshare insiders that will teach you how to maximize your driving side hustle.

It turns out, Uber and Lyft drivers don’t often earn the hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month the companies promise. But that doesn’t mean that rideshare driving—whether full-time or as a side hustle—has to be minimum wage.

Like almost any gig in which you can be your own boss, if you work smarter than the competition, you can make more money than the competition.

Of course, you have to learn how to earn the most money as a rideshare driver before you can begin. You could, of course, just start driving and experimenting with the locations and times that are most profitable. But, depending on your city, it might take six months or a year before you uncover the most profitable driving strategy.

Consider ‘Maximum Ridesharing Profits’

Maximum Ridesharing Profits is an online course developed by Harry Campbell, founder of The Rideshare Guy blog and podcast, and Brian Cole, one of Cincinnati’s top Uber and Lyft partners with over 2,000 trips in just six months.

An insider look at rideshare driving, the course is set up as a series of modules that teach rideshare drivers (or aspiring drivers) how and when they can make the most money, no matter where they’re driving.

What does the course teach you?

Should you buy a new car before you become an Uber driver? When’s the best time to drive? Can you really make enough as a full-time driver?

These questions, plus many more, are answered throughout the course.

The standard course consists of five modules and provides an introduction to ridesharing and the difference between the various ridesharing services. For example, most people probably don’t know how many services Uber offers. There’s UberX, XL, Black, SUV, and Taxi. The first module of the Standard edition explains the difference.

The Gold edition provides the nitty gritty details of making money as a rideshare driver.

You’ll learn where to find more pickups, how to make surge pricing work for you, and extra, more advanced tactics to make money.

The end of the course provides case studies from drivers like you, who have questions, issues, or want to better understand driving strategies.

How much does it cost?

The course costs $97 (which includes the Gold and Standard editions), with a 14-day money back guarantee.

Campbell also offers an affiliate program that allows you to send a referral link to a friend and if they use it to buy the course, you’ll get $30.


Making money at anything requires practice and a certain amount of skill. It’s possible to make money as an Uber or Lyft driver with no professional training necessary, but to make the gig really worth the potentially unpleasant hours, you’ll need a little help.

Maximum Ridesharing Profits will give you the skills needed to be a successful driver, with advice from people who have been there and have made it as drivers.

Learn more or enroll in Maximum Ridesharing Profits here

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